Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our "Favorite" Activity

As some know, I make a weekly trip to the Mart of Wal. I don't enjoy it, but .... one stop shopping and low prices lure me back time and time again.

Plus, we really do like the Great Value (the Mart's generic equivalent to foods and Equate is the generic equivalent to pharmacy/health/beauty items). The food is superior to the brand names and I like the Equate Dandruff Shampoo as well as Head n' Shoulders, and I save a few bucks along the way. (Yes, I have a dry scalp - I'm not perfect, ya know?)

Anypoodle, I keep a "master list" of items needed in a little notebook and add to it as necessary. Sometimes, the Evil Twin needs things for his home office or things like razor blades, etc. and so, he'll jot those down on a different sheet of paper.

I then add that list to the "master list" and we're good to go.

As I transferred his items to my main list, I really didn't pay much attention. There were only four things on his list and they were the last four things added.

When we got to the store, I propped my little notebook up so I can see it and make sure everything is in the cart. When I scanned through it towards the end, I noticed that "Calgon" was on there. Since it was in the same location on the list of the things the Evil Twin needed, I asked, "Why is Calgon on the list?" (I knew I didn't put it there.)

He said, "Because we're almost out."

Me: "Of Calgon?? Do you mean Cascade?"

Him: "Yes, the dishwasher detergent, not 'Calgon, take me away.'"

I know I've done ridiculous things as well. One time, I needed Lysol spray. I had written down "Lysenol". At least Calgon is a real product. LOL.

So, I got my overpriced Cascade - the Cascade Complete - with enzyme action. It really is the best on the market, and all was right at Casa Evil Twin.

Have a great Wednesday, my hooligans!



  1. Thought you were gonna say the list sounded like: "2 bananas, dozen eggs, 3 dirty magazines, fireworks, tequila and enema...." LOL.. of course that would be a great list to just leave in the cart for the next person.

  2. I am curious if you stick to your list. I know I can't stick to mine. 10 items on the list...I come out with 100 items, 90 of which just allured me as I went by.

    I have no discipline....

  3. Ron, I am so doing that the next time I go shopping!

  4. Not that you asked but I like the Finsh Tablets for the dishwasher. We shop a lot at Meijer but when I need a lot of household stuff I hit Walmart. It ends up being cheaper all around.

    Enjoy your snow this weekend!