Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ronny Donald's

On Saturdays, around this joint, we like to treat ourselves to what we call "Saturday Day Special." SDS means we all bicker decide what fast food place we want to clog our arteries with for that week.

We have two children, so the most prized fast food is that of the McD's. I'm ok with most of their food, although the things I like most are the priciest. So, I usually just end up with a cheeseburger kids meal and I give the toy to Sissy.

This past weekend, The Evil Twin went to the devil's lair and came home with our lunch. Sissy had a chicken nugget kids meal and I had the usual cheeseburger meal.

When Sissy opened her box, she said, "These fries are tiny." Oh, brother. I had heard about this in the news before, but didn't know when it would happen.

They decided, in the face of burgeoning childhood obesity rates, to cut down the size of the fries serving and also add in a thing of apples (with no caramel sauce!!!). That's nice, but maybe I want more than 12 fries in an itty bitty Barbie sized box.

While I understand the concern, and some parents would feed their children fast food 24/7, I'd like the choice of fries or apples again. We ordered the apple dippers probably 50/50 against the fries.

Like my own childhood self, both children are bean poles. Well, Sissy is a little more on the stocky side, but she takes after the Evil Twin's side of the family. Can't do much about genetics.... :-) (and, Yes, I am saying the Evil Twin comes from a sturdy lot).

So, if your children dig the fries, you might want to get an extra order of them. Whatever, I love those crunchy apples, too, so it's a win-win for me.



  1. Apples??? Did they at least deep fry them in lard?

  2. We have recently switched to Wendy's as I have to drive by one in order to get to McD's. My son always asks for the apples but my girlie likes her fries. Not sure how I feel about fast food places regulating my kids diet.