Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doctors Are Bad Vibe Merchants

That's actually a joking phrase that the Evil Twin and I use - we love the British show (long since cancelled, but we have them on DVD) "The Young Ones." Only I think the line was "You're all just a bunch of bad vibe merchants." - Neil.

Anypoot, the Evil Twin and I have discovered recently why it's a bum deal to see the doctor. Even for just routine follow up stuff.

They always seem to find something else, something worse, wrong. And this leads to a series of expensive testing, yada, yada, yada. You would not believe the medical bills piled up around here.

When the Evil Twin's job dropped our former insurance company (which was growing shittier by the year), our only other option was for the shittiest insurance plan known to mankind. Copays, out of pocket expenses...with four people in the family, it can quickly get out of hand. We don't got pockets anymore.

We had to sell them to make a co-pay. Just kidding of course.

We pay a healthy premium each month to have the insurance, even though we are all non-smokers (they offer a teeny discount). Don't get me wrong, we're lucky to have some form of insurance at all, but, my about highway robbery!

I think I'll avoid doctors for a few months and try to get these bills paid off. By then, it'll be July and it turns over again. Ya know, sometimes being an adult really isn't what it's cracked up to be.

But, I guess having medical bills is better than pushing up daisies, huh? ;-)



  1. Insurance and hospitals are such a racket. Last year I saw a hospital bill for $12,000 or so and then the insurance "discount" reduced it to about 25% of that cost. What I find ridiculous is that if you didn't have insurance they would expect the whole $12,000, but it's obvious they can make money at $3,000.... such a scam.

  2. Ugh! I hear you! Sarah was in the hospital for nearly a week in December. Our out of pocket is enough to really suck. Enough to ruin plans and we have pretty decent insurance.

    I went to Urgent Care last night for some antibiotics. They also gave me a scrip for some nasal spray that AFTER insurance was still $100. I told the pharmacist I wasn't bad enough to pay that and I'll just take my antibiotic thankyouverymuch. If I wanted to snort $100 up my nose I could have a much better time than with nasal spray. (ahem...not that I WOULD!)

  3. Who can afford to be ill in the USA?