Monday, February 27, 2012

Da Blahs

Yep, still in my "pitiful me" funk and it doesn't really help that my sinuses are a mess and my ickle tummy hurts...

Ah, well, at least the sun is out and it's sorta warm today. I can handle that.

A few weeks ago, we bought a Brita filter - the kind that goes onto the faucet. It's pretty neato. The water does taste lots better.

I also picked up one of those new toilet spray things (you know, you step on the little pedal and it sprays cleaner all around the underside of the toilet.) The jury is still out on that. I mean, it looks kind of weird sitting there on the bathroom floor.

Whatever type of spray it is, it does smell really good. Which is a big plus because that's the bathroom most used - and we're talking The Evil Twin, Buddy and all of his friends. And we all know how stinky a bathroom can get with those of the male gender using it all the time. Sissy is a bit better about things, but sometimes sits too close to the front... and oops, pee goes down the side.

Then, yours truly has to do a "clean up on aisle 7." This type of situation usually happens when I am busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

There ya go, product reports about two things I'd never tried before.

Even though I feel kinda puny, I have to go to the store later. The poor cat is beside herself because her food bowl is empty. Nevermind that I gave her a can of food this morning(she usually only gets the dry kind) and she's fat as a pig and could stand to miss a few meals.

Have a good Monday, hooligans!


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  1. Amazing how the animals know when the bag is empty and start panicking, even when the bowl is still full. :-) Hope you're feeling better soon.