Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Kitchen Sink

When I was growing up, the kitchen sink was NOT a place to wash your hands, brush your teeth or really, do anything more than rinse your hands (if they were covered in, say, flour or something sticky.)and rinse dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc.

Of course, this was back in the days when people only used one cutting board and knife for both meats and non-meats. Also, it was before Germ-X and other waterless sanitizers came to fruition.

We do have a bottle of waterless hand sanitizer and a bottle of regular liquid soap on our kitchen sink. The Evil Twin likes the waterless stuff, but I prefer the soap.

And, I DO wash my hands in the sink in the process of cooking, but I don't ever, ever, ever use the dish towel (unless I get a fresh clean one from the drawer before I start.) Lord knows what's on that towel....so I get a piece of paper towel in that case.

We use the towel to wipe up spills. Also, I have an issue about water spots on the sink, so I use it for that.

I've been known to go in behind guests using the sink and shine it up. Some people are messy, y'all! Would they wipe up the water? No, they'd let it stay until it dried on there, then I'd have to whip out the 409 and scrub it off.

You know what else irks me? (Lots of things, really, but I'm on limited time right now.) People who use the crushed ice feature on the fridge door. Itty bitty ice shards fly all over and even if I turn it back to "cubes", the first little bit to come out is crushed pieces.

I don't like crushed pieces. They melt away faster than cubes. Plus, they are messy, y'all! You think anyone is going to wipe down that tray? No. Then, it gets all dry and stuck on there. I practically need a putty knife to get that off.

I'm a cheapskate most of the time, but things need to be clean AND smell good. I use Tide detergent for laundry, Bounce sheets for the dryer and Cascade for the dishwasher. I buy the orange scent if I can find it - it makes the whole kitchen smell good.

If I smell something uncool in the kitchen, I will sniff all around until I find the offensive odor and eliminate it.

So, yes, I do allow handwashing in the kitchen sink. That soap smells soooo good!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day, my hooligans. I'll be spending my afternoon with Sissy's Kindergarten class for their little party. Those kids are germ wagons, so I'll probably end up sick by the end of the week. That's the price I pay for having a piss poor immune system, I guess!



  1. A bowl of fresh fruit (oranges, apples and pears) in the kitchen not only create a pleasent odour but look good!

  2. I hope you make it through the week germ-free!

  3. Ummm... I personally am a fan of the crushed ice... I love crunching it ;-)

  4. My husband and I have the crushed ice debate. He's a fan and I'm not. Like yours, once you hit that button the next four glasses are going to get crushed ice whether they want it or not.

    I use Mrs. Meyers Lavender to clean my kitchen between big cleans. I need things to smell good.

    Hope you avoided the germs at the party and can stay healthy!