Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love A Day Off....

But, it really messes with my routine. I'm going to be off-kilter all week.

Buddy has an orthodontist appointment this afternoon and then Sissy has dance class. I am going to be one worn out mo-fo by 8:30.

At home today, I'm doing laundry. I just finished sorting and paying bills, which took me over an hour and a half.

My OCD self has to read every.single.line and if I sense that something is not right, then I have to research it. If I'm still not sure, then I have to call someone at customer service and go over the issue.

The IRS sent our stolen money direct deposit to the old and dusty checking account today, so I'm a bill paying fool.

Then, I also need to shop online for new jeans for Buddy and myself. It takes me FOREVER to make a decision. Add to that, we are both tall and on the thin side. It's a nightmare finding pants. Apparently, clothing manufacturers think that if you have a smaller waist, you must be only 5 foot 2. Thank goodness for stores that carry "long" or "tall" options.

That means, in between laundry and bills, I'll be shopping online. I only like to shop online if I get a discount AND free shipping. That means visiting every clothing site known to mankind.

If I can't find anything I like online, then we'll have to mingle with the unwashed masses and actually go to a real store and TRY THINGS ON.

I had the Evil Twin measure Buddy's waist and inseam (because, really, moms just shouldn't be measuring their teen boy's inseam...that's a little disturbing, if you ask me.) I've lost a bit of weight, so I'm going to have to measure myself if I hope to avoid the full-on shopping experience.

Ugh! Think kind thoughts for me, my hooligans and have a happy Tuesday - and a happy heart. :-)



  1. Have a great day!

    I don't know how you feel about Old Navy but they carry "tall" or "longs" and you're more likely to find them online. I'm also a 5'9" woman in a 5'6" world and they are my goto for jeans.

  2. IWS - Thanks, dude. I know. ;-)

    MC - Old Navy is my "go to" place, too! I think I'll place an order there today. :-)

  3. What you couldn't get the ET to measure your inseam while he had the tape out? ;-)