Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When It Rains...

It pours, literally. I have had 3 (THREE) different doctor appointments in the past 2 weeks!

I don't know how it worked out that way, but, it just did. Last week, I saw my primary care physician for a follow up appointment. I came home, the proud owner of a prescription for high blood pressure! Nobody ever said I didn't like to take a walk on the wild side, huh?

This morning, I had an appointment with my "lady bits" doc. I've been seeing him since before Buddy was born and I never get nervous seeing him - we've developed a good rapport over the years. Plus, he listens and can be aggressive with treatment when necessary.

I won't go into detail here, to save my male readers trauma, but the bottom line is: he is setting me up for a hysterectomy, but just a partial, unless there are other complications. There is a newish procedure where everything is done thru three small incisions and the recovery time is 24 hours as opposed to the traditional method with a 4+ week recovery time.

At my age, the "office" is closed and the way I see it: All that junk is just cancer waiting to happen. Plus, no more shopping for "products", no more annoying "monthly" stuff horning in on mine and the Evil Twin's good times.

I've been dealing with this shit since I was 12. Time for mama to get a break!

And speaking of raining, when Sissy and I came out of my appointment, it was like a monsoon here, we made a run for the van, but were completely soaked. It was a yucky drive home.

I figure it's ok my hair is ruined for the day because I'm expecting my new hair color kit today. I'm going to do the root touch up on the black hair, re-bleach the front sections and put a semi-permanent purple on it. It should last 6 weeks or more, whereas the last dye job was done with temporary, wash out color and it's almost all gone. Wah!

It's nearly 1pm here and I need to work on laundry, make some phone calls and sort thru my part time work stuff to see if anything needs my immediate attention.

Have a happy Tuesday, hooligans and I will see you back tomorrow - same bat time, same bat channel! :-)


  1. Boo to too many doc appointments and monsoons. Weather has been crappy here for almost two weeks as well.

    Hooray to the partial loss (or is it full loss) of the internal baby holder. I too am done with mine especially since the onset of that stupid peri-meno crap. Sadly my doc won't take mine out just because I don't need it anymore. Something about unnecessary surgery!

    Anyhoo, Happy Tuesday Evil!

  2. Congrats on getting rid of the useless parts. I hope that goes well for you. And woohoo to no more tampons, pads, etc.

  3. I loooooove dying my hair, I don't even know what my true color is anymore.

    Congrats on no more monthly plague!

  4. I only have vicarious experience with issues related to the office but good luck to you...and omg I can't even imagine life without wife's aunt flo...

  5. Thanks for reminding me I have presciptions to refill.

  6. I got my first blood pressure pill when I was 50. It's been down hill from there. A friend of mind who walks all the time and is very active was told he needed Crestor recently. He was so upset. He's 65. I think sometimes that perscriptions are keeping me alive.

    A girl I work with today and I were talking about all the perscriptions. She was in a car wreck and hurt her shoulder; Really a bad sprain. The doc gave her 4 perscriptions; 2 for stress and 2 major pain meds. She said she tore them all up.

    Some persriptions are excessive!

  7. i want to dye my hair SOOO bad, but i'm terrified of it. is there a phobia for this fear? i've had it done in the past, but i saw this discovery health show once where this woman got horrid headaches due to coloring hair. i know, i know, i took it to the extreme, BUT i found several (like 40) gray hairs a few weeks ago and headaches or not this woman is getting some hair color!

  8. Oh you lucky, lucky dog! I am sooo jealous! I know you've been wanting that hysterectomy for some time! Hope it is quick and painless!

  9. Wow, your a busy woman. Good luck with the procedure. My shop is also "closed" for good, I've been wondering why I can't donate my stuff to someone whose doesn't work right. Dr. laughed and said no.

  10. Dude, I had no idea that you were even thinking about ti, but can certainly understand. Let us know how it goes! Love to you.