Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Is Done

I spent all day yesterday afternoon working on my hair.

I bleached for an hour and still couldn't get all the color out of the ends. But, I didn't want to fry it out, either, so I just went with the lightest I could get it. Then I rinsed and dried it and applied the purple with a small paintbrush. Rolled it all up with a foil ball and threw a shower cap on my head for another half hour.

Washed, dried and voila!

This should last about 4 weeks or so. We'll see. I guess when it starts to grow out or fades, I'll just use my regular 121A from Miss Clairol and go back to my normal look. :-)

We live in a small'll be fun to see people's reactions. Or if they'll even notice...There are a few "goth" kids around. LOL.


  1. That's a lot of work and tediousness...I just apply the color to Schmoop's head and smack it around. Here's to ya. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I think they will definately notice ! You rock !

  3. Like u care what the small town crowd thinks in the first place. Looks great.

  4. "He Said His Telephone Number Was 911"July 15, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    Cool! The smaller the town the better the reactions. Two of the wife's friends were cosmetology students back in the day. They sported various shades of purple on a regular basis.

  5. That's really great purple, I love it!

  6. Love it! I hope the straight arrows hate it. Uptight bastids.

  7. You go girl!! You gotta mix things up every now and again, it keeps you sane... I hear.

  8. Hey... I painted (just) my thumbnails a bright blue, you should see all the double takes !!

  9. Looks totally fun! I've thought about purple, myself. Now, I'm tempted... very tempted...

  10. I really like it, Beautiful. I'm thinkin' the local yokels are bound to notice, if they ever get past the cleavage : D

  11. That's what I like about you and your blog...every once in a while you push the envelope!

    The essence of Rock and Roll mind you....

  12. Matt - I'm an OCD perfectionist, so I couldn't leave anything to chance! LOL.

    MC - Thanks, sweetie!

    Chick - I went to Kroger today and no double takes, so we'll see...

    DWK - You know I don't care. It's the thrill of seeing reactions that makes my day!

    Paige - I still can't resist looking at it in the mirror all the time! LOL.

    He Said - Yes, the reactions are the best!

    NCP - It would be very becoming on a roller derby girl (hint, hint).

    Doc - Thanks so much!

    Dish - Me too! I love shaking people up.

    Ron - I'm all about shakin' it up!

    Joe - I'm sure you get lots of "looks". Just tell them they're your "coke thumbnails".

    Desert Rat - I used Splat, found it online. Very cool!

    Powdergirl - Thanks! I'm hoping for some comments or *something*.

    Joker - Being weird helps with pushing the envelope. :-)

  13. Are you kidding?? They'll notice!