Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Secrets, Sadly Not Here Today

I only received one secret this week and one mystery photo, so unless the senders of those items don't mind, I'll just save them for next week OR if I get more secrets today or by 9 or so tomorrow morning, I'll post on Saturday.

The Evil Twin is on vacation starting today and all next week. I sense a touch of "too much togetherness" by the end of next week.

Although maybe I'll get to sleep in one morning. That would be really cool. These days, sleeping in to me means 9 or so.

I should be able to knock a bunch of things off my "to do" list with him around, and that's also a good thing!

I might see y'all tomorrow, or it might be Monday. Don't worry - I have plenty of gardening stories and other excitement to share!! :-)

Happy Friday, hooligans!


  1. no secrets! Son of a............!

    Ok, here's one for ya...

    i wet my bed, nightly.

    Fuck, this was supposed to be anonymous, wasnt it?

  2. *YOU* should be able to knock a bunch of things off your "to do" list, or Evil Twin should be able to knock a bunch of things off your "to do" list??

  3. "too much togetherness"

    That should generate plenty of secret stuff for your list.

  4. I know the feeling, sleeping in to me is more like 8…

    I just wanted to wish you a fun Fourth!

  5. What is the deal? I remember a short while ago you posting about not getting many comments, Then I have noticed quite a few of the bloggers I follow say they are quitting blogging or taking a break and now no friday secrets.. UUGGH!