Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Secrets

Only received a couple of secrets for today, but they are good ones!

1. Friday Secrets is like one of those or AFF places!  Through some casual chatting, a neighbor and I both figured out that we had each submitted entries to Friday Secrets.  Since then, we have been trading numerous intimate secrets with each other.  Her husband and my wife are both benefiting from the increase in sexual tension and excitement.   I have loved Friday Secrets since you started.  But now I'm loving Saturday Secrets, Sunday Secrets, Monday Secrets... you get the point.  Yay Secrets!!!  Yay neighbors!!! Yay ETW!   

2. I'm a mother of 2 and happily married to a wonderful  man.
I recently reconnected with an old friend from elementary/high school.  A month ago I had sex with him and really want to do it again.

3. Mystery Pic:

Happy Friday, hooligans and enjoy your weekend! :-)


  1. You are right! Good secrets today!

  2. I really love number one here . . . shows that a little flirting can be beneficial.

    In the pic, I think a mohawk would work well :-)

  3. Nice secrets!

    Well,if anything...Friday Secrets are paying off for some...see your doing your readers a favor by posting these!

  4. Good to see that some people are getting a bonus payoff from these Friday secrets.

    But, you sure do have a lot of cheaters who read your blog.

  5. LOL @ Raquel's comment. Glad it's working out well for other readers :-) Have a great weekend :-)

  6. I know some guy (keep your mind out of the gutter) that not only does his chest look like that but his back does to.

    When swimming at scout camp would ask him, "hey aren't you going to take your sweater off before you go swimming?"

  7. I never understand this whole "hook up with an old friend from high school" thing. Perhaps I went to a highschool that was too small but by the time I graduated I was just plain tired of everyone and the thought of even talking to 99% of those folks is enough to cause shrinkage.

  8. That's no six-pack. Looks like a hairy keg. He is no doubt banging an old friend from grade school.

  9. I predict #1 will soon be having sex with his neighbor. IF their spouses are fun and adventurous, they may all be having sex together!

    Sigh. I have always had boring neighbors.

    The hairy guy; I know a guy who had more hair than that, and he shaved it all on Friday nights!

  10. Neighbors...It's what's for dinner. Cheers ETW!!

  11. Is Evil Twin morphing into a Lycan again?