Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feelin' Anxious

I have to get Miss Bella (Della Doodle Bug) to the vet tomorrow AM by 7:30 for her spay. I know this is the responsible thing, but the vet keeps them overnight. I don't want her to be gone that long! Sadly, I am also having her declawed in the front and I KNOW! People think this is cruel and inhumane, but she will NOT let me put the Soft Paws tips on that I bought for her. (Anyone need kitten sized pink Kitty Press On nails? They're yours for free).

They won't let me pick her up until Saturday AM. I can come visit as much as I'd like, but honestly, I just feel guilty enough about the spay (even though I know that is the best for pets, even the indoor types, like Bella).

I will probably cry all day tomorrow and into Saturday until I can get her.

I love her like nothing else (not as much as my children or husband, but VERY close).

The saddest thing for me, just like my children (especially Buddy - who needed intensive care and several surgeries before age 2), is that they don't understand WHY. They're in pain and feel miserable and you can't explain it's for their own good.

Luckily, Buddy does not remember his plight and frequent medical intervention. I'm hoping it's the same for baby cats. In the past, we've had other cats who have gone through both procedures and turned out just fine, but I consider Bella to be the MOST special cat I've ever had. Our bond is already so tight. Leave it to a Calico to be your very fast, special friend from the get-go.

I hope she's not too mad at me by Saturday morning.

Speaking of Saturday - it's a very special day around Casa Evil Twin. I'll update later, but I have plans to make and things to research, so I'm offa here!

Happy Thursday, hooligans - Don't forget about FRIDAY SECRETS. Email me at!!!! Puuuuuhhhhlease! I'm going to need the distraction this Friday!

Love y'all!


  1. My first cat was declawed after he took out a perfectly good sofa. He didn't care much for being and indoor cat and wanted to be a roamer. His mom was a stray Calico. I was apartment living at the time and that was not a option for him nor the use of my sofa as his scratching post. My second cat was a bit better but still liked to clean and sharpen his claws on the sofa. I have leather now, he does not care for that. Don't worry, the procedures are routine and they usually recover quickly.

  2. they outlaw declawing in most states for a reason.

  3. You can never be to safe when kids are involved. De-clawing inhumane as it might be is safer for your children and YOU! Look, most parents, not all but most parents circumsize(sp) their boys upon birth and I'm pretty sure that neither of my two boys remember that pain(thankfully)...I don't think your kitty will remember after a week or so!
    Chin up, it's for the greater good!

  4. To Anonymous:

    Declawing is NOT outlawed in ANY state in the US. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Do a little research before you post; that way you won't reveal your ignorance to the world at large. I can see why you'd want to be anonymous...

    -The Evil Twin

  5. I don't think the kitty will remember any of it a week after it's done. Still that didn't stop me from being a nervous wreck and crying like an idiot when I picked up my puppy after being spayed.

  6. Speedy healing thoughts for Bella and calming thoughts for you!

  7. Shiny Rod -If I could get the Soft Paws on her, I wouldn't do this. :-(

    Anonymous - I know declawing is outlawed in many European countries, but I know of NO American states that outlaw it.

    Chandra - Every cat I've had was none the worse for the wear after a spay and declaw (that's why I do them together), but it's still going to be sad w/o her overnight.

    Baby - You'll need to love on me extra special tomorrow, so I don't miss our baby Bella too much!

    Ron - Isn't that the way it is? The vets office had to calm me down yesterday when I called!

    Dana - Thanks. You just cannot imagine how much I love this cat! :-)

  8. Our vet didn't keep the kitties overnight, but instead they came home groggy and mad. It may be better that she stays! Lol. Where did you but paw covers? I have the new rescue kitty that needs some. Did you have to order them online or do pet shops carry them? He's too young to declaw right now.

  9. My first two cats were declawed and didn't suffer for it. My current cats aren't, and yes, they've done some damage to the couch. But with two cats and three dogs, WTF, we can't be neat freaks. :)

    Don't worry about the spay! Bella will be back to rights in no time. She'll have more problems with sore feet, probably. Just use finely torn newspaper in her litter box for a week or so (or whatever the vet advises). It'll call for much more diligent cleaning, obviously! But this too shall pass.

  10. Mary - You can find clear covers at Petsmart, but if you want colored ones, you can order them from a company called Soft Paws. If you email me your address, I'll send the pink ones your way! :-)

    Janis - We have a paper shredder, so at least I'll have free litter for a bit! :-)

  11. We have a declawed Calico.....she WAS an indoor cat for the longest time, but once she figured out how to sneak out it's been impossible to contain her. She's about 6 pounds of petite ferociousness! She is an avid hunter and brings us dead birds on a weekly basis. She puts my male cat to shame with her agility and stealth. We took the male (he is about 6) in for declawing (he's a stray we took in last year) and the vet discouraged us from doing it because of his age. She said the pain would never leave him--his paw pads would always hurt whenever he jumped on them. We decided not to have it done. She did say young cats recover from it and adapt........she just recommended that we trim his nails instead.

    As far as the spay, she won't remember and if not for the declawing she would be up and at 'em, back to normal later the same day or at worst, the next day. Males recover in about 10 minutes! She'll be a happy kitty soon!

  12. My kitty is 2 nuts short and a bunch of claws short today as is better in the long run!

  13. Declawing is not illegal and the pain in their paws is not even proven.

    I wish little Bella a speedy recovery and come Saturday she will be all cuddly.

    She's a kitten a little scratch behind the ears and some playing and she'll never even remember she was at the vets.



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