Saturday, July 31, 2010

Believe it or Not

Can you believe I didn't get any secrets or pics last week? If you DID send me something, I didn't get it. I've been awfully scatterbrained lately, so I suppose I could have missed something. Anyway, maybe next Friday will be more interesting (hint, hint, people!).

Today is the Evil Twin's birthday. He is 51! He wanted Chinese for lunch and I had ordered him a pecan pie blizzard cake from DQ, so when I went to grab the Chinese, I circled back around to DQ and picked up the cake.

I also picked up Miss Bella at 10 this morning from the vets. The one receptionist I always seem to deal with just loves her and says she's gonna steal her one of these days! LOL.

She is home finally and none the worse for the wear. Her belly doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, although I have seen her trying to bite on the sutures a time or two. They said if she kept doing it, she'd need the "Cone of Shame", so she couldn't bite there. Of all the indignities, I don't think any is worse than the "Cone of Shame". She's been through enough, already!

Her front paws also appear to be doing okay. The left one is totally fine, the right one seems a little tender. But, she's getting around okay - but only just to follow me around (she has not left my side all day - I even had to sit by her food dish while she ate and used the litter box. We got some of that "Yesterday's News" litter that are little pellets of recycled newspaper. They recommend that over shredded paper because some cats get confused and will start to potty on ANY paper.

None of ours in the past did that, but why take chances? Bella is her own girl!

We've had a good day so far on the Evil Twin's big 5-1. I think we intend on keeping up the festivities for the rest of the weekend! Yay!

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you SO much! :-)

Happy Saturday, hooligans!


  1. Happy birthday to the Evil Twin! I'll blast the Monochrome Set in his honor...

  2. Happy Birthday to Senor Evil Twin!!!

  3. The Yesterday's News is pretty good stuff. I use it occasionally; I'd use it more if I could get big bags of it.

    Funny about the incision ... Joe-Pye was glued shut. In just a few days there was hardly any indication there had been an incision!

  4. Happy Birthday to the Evil Twin!

    I'm glad to hear all went well with Miss Bella.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy birthday to the ET! Pecan pie blizzard cake sounds so decadent and delicious.