Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That Damn Cat

Which is the way we refer to Bella Ravioli most of the time. She is into everything. Such a typical kitten.

I love the way that the Floyd County, KY animal shelter updates their adoption info:


She is so beautiful, she was only there for 10 days. Until I snatched her up and brought her home with us. How lucky for us!

We mostly enjoy her kitten antics, until she puts her razor sharp kitten claws into one of us or jumps up on the counter or worse yet, the bird cage! Bad girl!

She is funny and sweet and loves to beg for people food. She is as curious as the tales go and investigates every square inch of the house - she's not quite finished. It's 2700 square feet of house. She likes to try to escape out the back door, after I let her out there on a lead. She needs to learn that the ONLY way she is going outside is on a lead - like my Chingate. She would hear her lead jangling and come running for a chance to get out and explore.

Some people give cats the short shrift on being good pets, but they really can be. You just have to work with them and understand their limitations and capabilities.

Please, if you desire a pet, look around online at the shelters! These sweet pets need homes and are often the best buddies you will ever have!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


  1. That is very sweet, and I am happy to hear how much fun she is.

  2. I think cats make great pets! I'm glad your family has found her.

  3. She sounds like an absolute doll. And, thanks for getting the message out about shelters!

  4. Reading this just makes me miss my cat terribly! After having AlL of our attention for several years we had our first child and my cat, Dodger, didn't like him to well, apparently feeling a little jealous so he started to get a bit aggressive with my son. We ended up having to get rid of him which broke my heart! He was always such a lover and would crawl up on my neck and suck my hair!

    maybe someday...

  5. I have never purchased a dog or cat in a pet store and never will. We always adopt - I save my current dog from a shitty junkyard. She is so pretty - love your Bella

  6. Chandra - that is sad. Pet adoptions should be for life. Terrible you couldn't find the time to help your cat adjust to the siuation.

  7. Robyn - She is really a sweetie!

    Mrs. D - I'm glad we found her, too!

    John - I would never get a pet from anywhere else.

    Chandra - I had a hair sucker as well. Too funny.

    Chick - A saved pet is a grateful baby. :-)

    Anonymous - Don't be hard on another pet owner. Animals are like people and some of them love babies and children and others do not. I, too, would put my infant above a pet (no matter how much love I could give).

  8. Sounds like a great addition to your family.

    I always said I was a dog man, and now have 3 cats, LOL. Love them!

  9. All 3 of my furbabies are rescues and I love them so!

  10. Funny, our new kitten has the same name! He's getting tons better though...finally!

  11. My cat died last month after 18 years of being loved. We bred her mother (Himalayan) in our house and her kittens were born there. Baby was an all black Persian. She never went outside and never hissed once in her life. She was also a great mouser and I must say, I enjoyed it when she would honor my ex with a freshly killed mouse in her bed ;>) My next pet will be a rescue Greyhound !