Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too Many Changes

I had an appointment at the neurologist yesterday (well, technically with the physician's assistant - he's a really nice guy). I busted my butt to get downtown and park in time for my 2:40 appointment.

Sissy and I sat in the meat locker waiting room until we were called back at FOUR PM. Yes, I had to entertain a four year old for over an hour in a cold waiting room that isn't exactly kid friendly (they had one ripped bag of dirty foam letters and numbers as "toys". That was it.)

We finally get into the PAs office and he drops the bomb that I had heard whispering about in the waiting area - The neurologists (husband/wife team)are moving. To Oregon. On July 30.

At least they had the decency to let me know ahead of time, so I could sign for my records to be released to me. My former neuro skipped town and sent the note of his leaving AFTER he left, so I had to go to some crackhead area downtown and PAY for MY medical records and furthermore, they couldn't find my MRIs. I was told they were "probably in a trash dumpster somewhere". Lovely.

Also, in addition to having to move to a new neuro (I'm following the PA to his new job), the Evil Twin's employer and the insurance we've had for over 12 years could not come to a compromise and so today marks the start of a whole new and different insurance policy for us.

I've already called them (the new provider) to verify that all the medications we need are covered under their policy - actually, there are only 3 and they're all mine. So.... But, yes, they're covered. Still, there are deductibles and copays and all that fun stuff. I think the monthly premium is less than what we had been paying, but the coverage isn't as good.

I've been doing battle with our former insurance for more than 12 years and I foresee the next 12 (or more) years to be the same.

Please, don't get me wrong: I am extremely grateful to have insurance and it's pretty good, too. So I'm not complaining about that. I'm just frustrated by all the red tape. Health insurance, life insurance, bill paying, doing the taxes, taking care of the bank all falls under my "other duties as assigned" and it can be overwhelming sometimes, ya know? (And yes, I use Turbo Tax. Thank goodness).

Don't forget about Friday Secrets - or mystery photo, if you're so inclined (PG-13, please). :-) Send 'em by 9ish tomorrow morning and I'll post them as soon as I can.

Happy Thursday, hooligans,


  1. Ahhhh the bureaucratic pain the ass. Why can't things be easy? Seriously. Good Luck. Cheers ETW!!

  2. Strange coincidences - My appt w/my neuro was yesterday, too, AND he informed me that in August he is moving to a new practice. I've had my issues with this doctor, so I don't envision moving along with him (especially since the practice charges a ridiculous amount to make copies of records if you transfer). BUT, I do like that he doesn't do additional MRIs if they aren't warranted by symptoms. I've been taking copaxone for 4 years, and it's working great. I have FEWER (almot zero) symptoms than when I started, so why pay for MRIs? If the new doctor (who I will see next year) insists on MRIs and refused to refill my RX w/out them, then I will pay to move.

  3. I think insurance reps go through special training to learn to be a pain in the ass.

    Unfortunately, I have a short fuse and end up yelling, or crying, or both. I gladly turn that responsibility over to my husband. And he would rather deal with them than me.

  4. I just don't comprehend insurance. I mean I just can't ever seem to make sense of it. I hate dealing with it. I have even thinking about dealing with it. I'm still glad I have it, I just wish it made sense.

  5. PG-13 ? Why are you keeping all the XXX's to yourself LMAO ! (Sorry couldn't help it)

  6. Yesterday I got notice from my insurance company that my premiums are going up $120 a month. That means they are now $860 a month. I had eye surgery in the spring and the amount I have to pay is $3600. Everytime I go to the specialist the bill is $175. The ins. pays $93. I pay the rest.

    I have no complaint with my regular doctor though and he always takes the ins. pmt plus $20 co-pay. I have perscription coverage and the meds cost me $15, so that's ok.

    Waiting? I always get the last appt. That way at least I know I'll only have to wait 30 minutes. They don't like to work overtime.

    As to seeing the doctor; I always see the doc, not the assistant. They suggested I start seeing the assistant two years ago and I asked what the cost difference was. They said none. I said if I'm paying for a doc, I want a doc.

  7. Your not alone. We got new health insurance this year as well. Now...I just pray that we don't get sick because I can't afford for us to go to the doctor anymore..that's how bad our insuance is now.

    All that stuff is so stessful to I know why you like a good glass of wine in the evenings! :)

  8. Here in the US of K we have what we quaintly call the National Health Service - but some of you guys think it's anti- democratic, socialist and inefficient.

    It's all that and more; but hell why do you guys put up with being beholden to the insurance industry and the medics.

  9. Having insurance is a wonderful thing, but dealing with those people is a colassel pain in the ass!

  10. There are two things I hate to change - doctors and hairdressers! I do hope the change goes well!

  11. I'm hearing you.

    I hope you are happy with your new Doc.

    It could be different in your neck of the woods but the radiology place that you had the MRI's done should have a copy of the notes at least on file, maybe even the films - just not developed?


  12. Dear Barry -

    While the insurance companies may be a mucking fess to deal with, how in the world you think that handing it over to the government to oversee would be an improvement is beyond me. Please see: Medicare and Medicaid for evidence of what a good job they can do.

    Personally, I am scared sheitless about what's happening here in the old US -K. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

  13. I'm not for 'Obama-Care' one bit. If you think its a pain in the ass dealing w/ Insurance companies now, wait, we ain't seen nothing yet.

    I pay 90% of my employee's medical. Used to be 100% but had to cut it. Our premiums go up every year and its the major part of our business expense. The Health Care System does need a total overhaul but that will never happen..too much money involved. "Obama Care" is not the overhaul we need.

  14. I hate dealing with insurance. Even when you have it, it can be a huge pain in the ass and they have way too much power!

  15. Good luck with all the red tape... resist the urge to snap and take a high powered rifle to any nearby water tower and..... oh wait, that's me.