Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Like a Rolling Stone

I feel like I've been so busy this year, this summer, in particular that I haven't been able to stop and just BE.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the "female" doctor for a procedure in preparation for my hysterectomy. I was mildly uncomfortable for the rest of the day, but luckily, the Evil Twin took family sick leave so that I could get a little bit of a break and rest.

We're also gearing up for school to start and a quick vacation. Once school (and pre-school) start, the whole time frame continuum just snow ball on me.

Sure, I'll have a few hours to myself, but those precious few will be eaten up by grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc. There is always way more to do in any average day than I can accomplish.

Lawsy knows I'll have enough laundry and such to keep me busy! You wouldn't believe what a family of four can go through with clothes, towels, etc.

Looks like I'm headed out shopping today. Nobody ever gives me a complete list when I actually do my big shopping trip, which in turn means I have to make a 2nd trip to the store. In a week! And it's not like we're just floating in the money river here at the end of the month. Lovely.

I will continue to make silk purses with sow's ears. :-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. When you figure out how to get it all done, let me know.

  2. I hate it when life gets in the way of living. Cheers ETW!!

  3. Though I don't know what it's like to have kids I do know what it's like to never just be "alone" with time to yourself! :) Hang in there darlin!

  4. Maybe you can avoid the monsoon this grocery trip.

    Heck, we have only two of us at home and we hit the grocery store 2 - 3 times a week guaranteed!

  5. since my bf's been up.. we've been going to the grocery store about 3x a week... all depend on what either of are hungry for for dinner... tho i really dont mind.. cuz he helps me with the cooking and stuff..

  6. I try to hit the grocery store one major time a month, fill up two carts and then only have to stop by here and there to pick up fresh produce and dairy. Problem is I'm just "stopping in quickly" to pick up apples, or lettuce and then I see the cereal on sale and the donuts, and the gatorade on sale etc. etc. Before you know it $100 gone.

  7. HA! What a family of 4 goes through in laundry! Just try a family of 8!! :) But I wouldn't have it any other way...

  8. I know how many towels we go through, and there are only two of us.


    I do sympathise.

    Shopping...I have no helpful hints. Everything just seems to be getting more and more expensive. I just don't get it. And bargains are rare as hen teeth.

    Still, you are a mom, so I'm sure you will be creative.

    Mom's are great!

  9. Hey, I do the weekly shop in our household. Not because it's part of our prenuptial agreement but because I love wheeling that trolley around and picking up all those lovely groceries and things. How cool is that?

    Mind you if you want a fuse replaced, a ceiling fixed or a wall built, my wife, she's your man.