Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Antics

In an effort to have some sort of break from my family (mainly, the kids and more pointedly, Sissy), I decided to do my grocery shopping on Sunday. All. By. Myself.

Ahhhh. I was able to get through with few hassles and even saw our own favorite cross dresser, Pat. I smiled at her, she smiled at me! Although my purple hair was no match for the attention SHE got! Dangit!

So, I got out of the store, only to be caught in a monsoon about halfway through the parking lot. There was so much thunder and lightening, I decided I'd be better off getting soaked than carrying a metal lightning rod (the umbrella), so I just did the best I could. We had some paper towels in the van, so I was able to dry off a bit and then head home.

I made the Evil Twin retrieve the groceries from the "Grocery Getter" van - the bags were all full of water! I had to change all the way down to my undergarments. That's how hard the rain was! And, it was raining sideways. I was glad I didn't have either of the children with me.

It was hilarious. When I got home, the Evil Twin said I looked like a drowned rat (thanks, honey!)

I haven't been out in that kind of rain in forever! I just kept hoping I wouldn't be struck by lightning! LOL.

On Saturday, we'd had a sunny and warm day, so after dinner, I let the kids change into their swim wear and spray each other with the garden hose. I don't think they've ever had as much fun together as that. I love when they get along so well.

When I shop on Sundays, I can take Mondays kind of laid back. I'll do some laundry. I think I'll re-purple my hair. Just kind of get some little things finished!

Happy Monday, hooligans!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


  1. I don't know ... with that purple hair you had better check the site and see if you're famous!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. No Way would ETW make that list.... she looks great and THEY DON'T !!!

  3. Grocery shopping sans kids is fantastic and cheaper. Sorry about the monsoon though, we had those here on Friday.

    Here's to a laid back Monday and re-purpled hair, have a great day Evil!

  4. I really do like to shop alone. BETTER YET, I like making DAVER shop with the kids while I stay home alone. Hehe. That happens once every 10 or so years.

  5. For the record, I *was* kidding! Don't want anyone (especially you) thinking that was a passive-aggressive attempt at an insult!

  6. Sounds like there was a Monsoon in your Lagoon ! Water in your bags, holy shit that's some good raining ! Did it cool off the heatwave in your parts ?

  7. I read this and laughed as I thought about trying to ditch my Linda Blair as I went shopping. But the good news is when they are teenagers you can send them to their half of the store with a list and save time.

    I sent Linda out with dad(solely to prove a point) to the grocery store Sunday for about 6 items, it took him two hours LOL!

  8. That is some rain!

    Love that you are keeping the purple hair!


  9. Thunder and Lightning! How very very frightening!!!

  10. Please tell me you didn't actually use the word, "undergarments". Cheers ETW!!