Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will It Work?

Around Casa Evil Twin, weekends are extremely laid back. The Evil Twin has worked hard all week, Buddy has been in school all week and I am desperately in need of a break from all the day to day “stuff”.

Since, I plan and prep meals all week, I'm a little burned out by Friday. I do all my planning and grocery list on Sundays – just in time for my Monday shopping excursion. On Saturdays, we do Saturday Day or Night Special. What this means is we typically will order fast food from the drive thru about mid day and just eat like pigs. Where we eat (McDs, Wendy's, etc.) rotates each week – depending on what everyone wants.

Then, Sunday rolls around. My fricken family expects to be FED on Sundays, too! Those ingrates.

I have become SO frustrated by the complaints on Sundays, that I have now declared “Crock Pot Sundays”. Whatever is in the crock pot is the meal 'o the day. Take it or leave it or fix your own shizzle, cause Momma is exhausted.

You would think this would be a perfect solution, right? NOPE. Now, I have to hunt down recipes that sound like something the whole family likes and will eat.

This past Sunday, I did the Savory Pot Roast. While the Evil Twin and I liked it, the kids were a little non-plussed and just kind of picked around at it.

The Evil Twin and I were both extremely picky eaters as children (and I'm still picky), so we chalk this up as revenge from his mom and my mom times two.

Honestly, the kids would be fine if I served spaghetti every day, but that's not happening. We call Buddy “Starchy McGee” and Sissy “Pester McFly”. He likes the starches, she likes the sugar.

I, of course, want them to have healthy, balanced meals. When I start to worry, I try to get all Zen about it and remember what my pediatrician told my mother, “Let her eat what she wants. If she's lacking something, her body will crave it and she'll get it.”

I guess it worked for me 'cause I'm still here. I've always been on the scrawny side and borderline anemic – nothing a little multi-vitamin can't handle.

I'm off to do research for crock pot recipes! Wish me luck.... Or, I'll be forced to actually acknowledge my family on Sundays and even COOK for them. Perish the thought! LOL.


  1. Hi! I cook in the crockpot just about every other day during the winter. This is an absolute favorite. Your kids will love it. And it makes a ton, so you can freeze leftovers. http://www.recipezaar.com/Debbie-Claires-Cheesy-Crock-Pot-Macaroni-and-Cheese-45939

  2. I love your attitude about this! I also like your weekends, they are very similar to life around here. Very laid back and relaxing...for the most part.

    You've got me researching crock pot ideas too...maybe we will have to set up a "crock pot blog" lol!

  3. My mother used to bake chicken pieces and put them out with celery and carrots with a dip and bread.
    We helped ourselves on Sunday. She had it all done in the morning and took the rest of the day off.

  4. Crock Pot Sundays is a great idea... I do similar type things in the fall on football Sundays when we aren't at the games... It can work for you... Im sure of it. (It's yummy too!)

  5. varunner - Thanks for the recipe! My kids love mac n cheese. :-)

    Mandy - A crock pot blog is a great idea! :-)

    Gregory - I like the way your mom did things on Sunday!

    Doc - On football Sundays, we'll usually also have cheese, crackers, etc. Little finger foods set out.

  6. Hmmm.... wonder if there is such a thing as crock pot Pizza? I think the crust would be where the problems start....

  7. I need to utilize my crock pot more often. I do have a favorite crock pot lasagna recipe. A friend suggested this website to me

  8. Loved to help but my culinary skills end at fish sticks, fries and microwave steamed veggies.

    That being said, Let me know when you try varunner's recipe. I would love to come for dinner. :-)

  9. We had pot roast on Sunday too (we threw it in Sat afternoon so it would be super tender. My kids are picky too, but are both meat eaters so roast works well. I had them rolling when it was cooking asking who was going to eat the cow butt.

  10. Hoe dare they expect to be fed! Ungrateful little heathens! ;)

  11. I have one of them types in my house that eats nothing but frozen pizza rolls and canned chili...

    That said, I found a wonderful "little" crockpot recipe book at the checkout at Wal-Mart one day. It's a Betty Crocker special and full of good stuff :)


  12. If you find some good ones, please share! :)

  13. And on the Seventh day He created the microwave. And it was all good.

  14. There are good Indian food crock pot recipes, but I don't know if you guys like that sort of thing. I LOVE it, and Jeremy isn't very adventurous about food but even he liked the curried potato and vegetable crock pot recipe. Recipezaar.com probably has some good ones.

  15. So much good can come out of a crockpot...and having the house smell like pure delish all day long isn't a bad thing either!

  16. I absolutely love our crock pot! You sound like such a good mom:D It warms my heart, lol.

  17. And here's something that will make Crock Pot Sunday's even better. Crock Pot Liners:

    After cooking, just pull the liner out and throw it away. No cleaning!!!!!

  18. Ron - There is crock pot lasagna! You might really love that!

    JBlank - Thanks for the link. I'm going to bookmark it and look it over!

    Christine - I cook like a mo fo. You're more than welcome for dinner any day!

    Cara - Mine will both eat meat, but seemed yucked out by the texture. They ate the veggies at least!

    Dish - After all I do ALL week! Harumph!

    Catscratch - I'll look for that one. Thanks!

    Gigi - You better believe I'll be sharing all my "experiments" in upcoming posts!! LOL.

    AC - But the crock is a one pot dish! It doesn't get any easier than that! (Although I do love my microwave!).

    Mary - the Evil Twin and I love Indian and especially the veggies. It might be too spicy for the kids, but I'd be willing to give it a go! :-)

    Tiff - The good smells are what I love most about crock pot cooking. (except it's frustrating smelling it all day in anticipation). :-)

    Lily - You are such a sweetie!

    Jay - Our crock has the removable inside, but this might even make things MORE enjoyable. I hate scrubbing that thing! :-)

  19. My family is very fond of the Roast Recipe that I use.

    1 roast (the cheaper, the better)
    1 pkg brown gravy mix
    1 pkg ranch dressing mix
    1 pkg Italian dressing mix*
    1 cup water

    *I replace this with Good Seasons "Garlic & Herb" Dressing.

    Place roast in crock pot. Mix gravy and dressing mixes with water. Pour over roast. Cook on low 8-10 hours.

    The End.

    I serve this with mashed potato and a vegetable, or on rolls with cheese.

    My sister is convinced that you can trade out the roast for chicken, and the brown gravy for chicken gravy. I haven't tried that yet.

  20. Rennratt is on to a good thing...but, you can just put the potatoes and veggies in with. Towards the end. Cherry tomatoes are super in a crock pot, but you have to put them in like 2-3 hrs b4 the end.

    Try savory and/or sweet. Also cumin and fresh garlic.