Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling Blessed!

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes for Buddy on Thursday. They were much appreciated. When I tell people his story, I hear the word “miracle” a lot. But, I tend to think any baby that makes it here is a miracle.

Buddy just had to work a little harder than a few others.

I also wanted to add in that he was born because I have an blood clotting disorder that had not yet been detected. Basically, the placenta was aged to a 40 week pregnancy, thought it's job was done and was pulling away from the uterine wall. But, I had no contractions or any other signs of impending labor.

He wasn't able to get enough oxygen and that's why he had stopped moving. When babies in utero are in distress, they try to save their energy by just coasting along for a bit.

We were told that if we had waited 6 more hours, they would have pulled out a dead baby. Not the kind of thing a mother wants to hear, but we just thank our lucky stars, guardian angels, God – who ever was looking out for our baby boy that all the pieces fell into place and not only did he make it, he survived.

And, I know I put this on my Twitter feed and also as my FB update, but I'm also going to brag here. Because that is every mom's right.

On Friday, Buddy came home from school with a note from the Reading Specialist. He had taken some sort of reading test and is reading at the college level!

All those years of reading him the same book 20 million times a day and taking him to the library have paid off. But, he comes by it honestly, too. He comes from a long line of avid readers.

This isn't what I had planned today, but this is what you're getting. I just felt like I needed to clear some things up from Thursdays post and kind of elaborate on it, which I didn't want to do in the comments section.

Hope you all had a weekend as nice as ours! :-)


  1. Way to go Buddy and way to set an example for him. Good reading skills will give him an advantage in any class he takes, so he's set up to succeed in so many ways. :-)

  2. My youngest was born with his cord wrapped around his neck, I know that feeling when they say "if you had waited.."
    Wow, congrats on Buddy's reading, real nice, like Ron says, you can take that skill anywhere : )

  3. What a great feeling... you are blessed!

  4. It's an amazing story. I love happy endings...although I guess this is more of a happy middle.

  5. That's pretty impressive. I'm not sure I even read on a college level. Okay, maybe I do since I graduated. But, still. Already time for him to start reading people like Camus and Kant. haha ;-)

  6. Quinn was born with the cord wrapped around his neck as well, scary stuff.We are also avid readers and have always encouraged reading in our children.We just found out that my oldest son's teacher wants to test him for PC(he's in kindergarten!). To say we are pleased would be an understatement! I say BRAG IT UP!

  7. Good for buddy! I'm always happy when I hear good news about good people.

  8. I used to cut classes so I could go the the library and read. It worked, now I am reeley entilligant. (Just kiddiling) So glad to hear your son is doing great.

    ps ru finding someway to encourage his interest in astronomy ?

  9. Way to go Buddy (and Mom).

    I am holding out hope my kids take after me in the reading dept. Hubs says the longest thing he wants to read is a magazine.

  10. Yay! WTG on the reading thing. Being a proud mama feels good, doesn't it?

  11. SCM calls the Princess his little eggshell blue baby. She was taken a month early because she was in some kind of distress. It is amazing to me how fast they get the distressed child out of the mother. It felt like seconds.

    I was lucky. She was perfectly fine although small and didn't need any medical intervention. She's still tiny. However, we are excited that last year she finally got out of toddler size shoes! (she's ten lol)

  12. Ron - Thanks!

    Powdergirl - Those words send shivers down my spine even today.

    Doc - We really got lucky with him!

    A. - Yep, a happy middle! I like that. :-)

    Jay - I think I'm going to pass along some of my beloved classics to him!

    Dana - ;-)

    Jenny - Keep encouraging the reading. WTG!

    fattie20xl - Thanks!

    Joe - I would read the dictionary in 2nd grade during "free reading" period! And, yes, he's been into astronomy since he was 4, we've already taken him to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Greenbank, WV twice and have seen every planetarium show that comes around. :-)

    Cara - They'll probably take after you - the schools really push reading these days and make it fun.

    Tiff - He always makes me proud! :-)

    Christine - From what I saw of Buddy he was bluish/purple! Ack! Not the color you want to see, huh?

  13. I know you are proud of him for the reading level!! Way to go, kiddo!

  14. That is just truly amazing. And it gets better every single day!

  15. so blessed you are! YAY for Buddy!! :)

  16. That's fantastic about Buddy! I'm hoping for an avid reader too! I'll keep reading those stories... maybe even encourage it a little more ;~)

  17. That's fantastic! I wish there were more mothers like you out there to encourage reading the way you do. It will make such a huge difference in his life.

    You and Mandy both give me hope that a generation of readers may be coming up in the world.

  18. That is awesome. Reading is so important and it opens SO many doors. Being able to get lost in a book is one of the greatest joys I've experienced and been able to pass down to my daughter as well.

    Thank God for that "mother's intuition" that you had.

    You know, I don't think it was nearly as serious as all that, but when I was about six months I walked into the hospital saying I couldn't feel the baby move. It was completely coincidental that one of my midwifes was there waiting on a delivery. They hooked up up to the monitors and said I was having regular contractions. Apparently I was very dehydrated.

    They IV'd me and all was well. But I guess had I not gone and got checked out I could have been in early delivery as well!

  19. So exciting that he's reading on such a high level. Way to go, Mom and son!