Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before and After

I have surely lost my mind because I am going to post pictures of myself both before make up and after.

So, here it goes. Before:

The tools of my trade:

I use it all, too! :-)

And, after:

Of course, we can't forget Mama's favorite hair product:

Who needs "Bumpits" when I can just rat the hell out of it, then plaster it in place with Aquanet?


  1. You are one of those women that don't need make up. P.S. You need another bottle of Chanel!

  2. You're very pretty without your make-up, and you're very pretty with your make-up too.

    Aqua net? I don't use a lot of hair product, I have hair like a toddler, very fine. Product just weighs it down. But if I'm gonna plaster into a fake up-do, hell yeah! Aqua Net will withstand gale-force winds.

  3. It isn't like you break the camera without...

    You ought to see me before I put on my warpaint!

  4. You look beautiful with or without...sure wish I looked that good!

    Aquanet? I didn't realize they still made that. The smell alone would bring back memories of my childhood.

  5. You are certainly gorgeous either way! But I understand, as i would never dream of stepping foot in this office without makeup on!

  6. You look great either way!

    BTW, Freeze It at Mart of Wal... AWESOME hairspray! It's in a gold can and I think I pay like 4.00 for it!

    AND... Aveda makes this powder stuff. You lift your hair up and put it at the base of your roots (underneath) and then take a little comb and rat it! AWESOME!!!! My bottle has lasted me for over 3 months now and I hope they never quit making it!

    Makeup... I'm totally addicted to MAC! LOVE IT! You can get it at Dillard's!

    Hugs - Tiff

  7. Honestly pics with out bringing the twins?

    Alas I shall retire in disapointment

  8. Woman, that's disgusting! You look good with or not fair! Lol...

    I remember AquaNet from my middle school days...helped keep the "poof" up and in place!

  9. You look good without it, too.

  10. All that work and I like the before photo. :)
    I'm a lurker!

  11. Girl - There's another bottle in behind that one! I'm prepared!

    Powdergirl - AN is the shit! I love it.

    Dave - I hate my complexion without.

    Chandra - Notice that this AN is unscented. They still make the regular too, but Sissy says it stinks, so I buy this to not offend her delicate sensibilities (she's always in the room when I get ready - I do not spray her hair! LOL).

    Dish - I wouldn't leave my house without it! :-)

    Will - Thank you!

    Tiff - I'll have to check out the hair products. :-)

    razorbeck - Who knows when the girls will reappear. I like to keep y'all on your toes!

    Mandy - Regardless, I wouldn't dream of NOT wearing it.

    Kenju - Thanks!

    Janeywan - Welcome! Actually, it only takes me about 10 minutes to get my face together. I use all the powder make up, so it's very easy. ;-)

    Loni - Thanks! This was a hard post to do.

  12. I think most women over-estimate what make-up does for them.

    Sweetie, you are adorable - beautiful from the inside out!

  13. Both of those pictures are beautiful!

  14. Honestly, you look great without makeup. Really great.

  15. ETW - you're fine, fine, fine with or without the make-up.

    But you gotta watch that Aqua-Net. That stuff is so explosive I use it for the "gun powder" in potato guns. A 3 or 4 second dose of Aqua Net can launch a spud well over 100 yards!

  16. AquaNet is also, hands down, the best de-static-er on the market. I spray it on clothes, blankets, carpet, but never my hair. I don't spray anything on my hair or rub anything in or put implements of heat into it or curlers, pins, bumpits or any of that other stuff.

    AquaNet is also great for getting ballpoint ink out of fabric.

  17. i concur with previous comments; no make-up needed!

    love your bravery!

  18. Actualy, believe it or not, Aqua Net seats truck Tires right nicely!

  19. You look just as nice either way. :-)

  20. You are certainly brave! And beautiful either way.

  21. I don't really know how to say this, so (as usual) I'll just say it.

    I really think makeup is overrated. I always have, probably always will.

    That said, you look hot either way. :)

  22. You look beautiful in both shots girl. Whacchya talking about.