Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Lot of Nothing

That's what I have going on today. My mind is empty. I guess that's what happens when one has been snowed in for days on end.

And, it's snowing again. It's not really sticking to the road, but our driveway don't look so hot - Most likely, this means I have to go put road salt in a bucket and salt it down before I go pick up Buddy from school. Shit! I'm not used to physical labor like that, and out in the cold to boot! I'm going to break a nail out there - I'm calling it right now! I am so moving South in a few years....

I also think I might change my name. "Mommy" is getting real old these days. I hear it 20 million times a day and it's always going to be a request for *something*, not just someone wanting to tell me something.

This morning, it's been:
"Mommy?" (my acknowledgment "Yes, Sissy?" - henceforth known as MA) "Can I have a breakfast bar?" (those fruit and grain things).

"Mommy?" (MA) "Can I have an apple?"

"Mommy?" (MA) "Will you wipe my hands off?"

As I'm getting into the shower: "Mommy?" (MA) "May I have a chocolate heart, please?"

Most recent: "Mommy?" (MA) "May I have a yogurt?"

Even more recent: "Mommy?" (MA) "There's yogurt on my pants." (and that is repeated until I get a napkin and clean it off).

And the Evil Twin wonders why I get nothing done most of the day!

Sorry for being grousy today. You all know I don't complain much and I'm not really complaining as much as I am just getting exasperated with the weather and being stuck in the house.

"Mommy?" "What, Sissy?" "I wuv you."

I guess I won't change my name after all.

PS. You may have noticed my Formspring.me doodle at the top of the page on the left. You can send me anonymous questions! Help me get over the winter blahs and ASK ME ANYTHING! :-)


  1. Lord, I'm right there with you. It is never ending.

    Reminds me of the FAMILY GUY where little Stewie is beside his Mom's bed.."mommy, mommy, mommy, mom, mom. mamma, mamma, ma, ma, ma", "What" she says and he replies "Hi"...Grrrrrr!

    Good luck with the snow. We've had it here since Christmas and FINALLY this week it's suppose to get about freezing so maybe now it will finally start to melt!

  2. "Mommy, I wuv you." That certainly helps, huh? Hope the snow stops and you get out of that damn house soon!

  3. I've been reading, just not commenting lately, sorry.

    I'll trade places with you though - it would be nice to stay home for a bit.

    cheer up, the weather will change eventually. ;-)

  4. the "i wuv you" 's tend to make up for the million Mommy's that come before it.

  5. Im back from NY and tryign to get caught up on blog reading... but work is getting in the way. Sorry you are snow bound or snow-bored or whatever you want to call it... Will have to think up a good question....

  6. lol!

    i thought we were going to get some snow here today, but it looks like the crisis has been averted.

  7. Wow! Imperial commands for comments appears to work. I'll have to give it a shot. :)

    I thought I was snow-bored too, but I'm into my second day at the office and thinking longingly of home (and naps).

  8. OMG! Cabin Fever!! Get out of the house now!!!

  9. If anyone calls me "Mommy" they're getting punched. ;-)

  10. Jay-lol...

    I understand completely. I have many times said I'm changing my name! Then my sweet baby boy says, "Mommy" and I just melt. That boy melts my heart!

  11. I swore I was going to change my name too but I wasn't going to tell anyone what it was. Sorry about the snow...we have very little but I feel good about sharing with the rest of the country this year.

  12. I don't have kids, (would like to), but I imagine in a few years you'll miss those little "requests." I'm certainly envious of them.

  13. Chandra - I think it's supposed to warm up here, too this week. Yay!

    Dish - I've got plans on Thursday, so here's hoping for good weather.

    K - I mostly like to say home, just getting a little antsy... :-)

    Cara - I totally agree!

    Doc - Glad you're home!

    Slyde - I'd be glad to send it your way! ;-)

    Connie - The naps are the only thing keeping me relatively sane at this point. LOL.

    Ron - I plan on it!

    Jay - Can't blame you there..

    Mandy - Sissy is sweet, so it's hard to get too frustrated!

    rosemary - Yes, I think you all have decided to share this year. :-)

    Will - Oh, I know I will. Just today, I felt stifled by it.

  14. Hey I like your raison d'etre. And a sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

  15. Sissy is a hungry kid, huh? ;-)