Thursday, January 28, 2010

799. The Dinosaur Era

This is post 799 for me. And, I'm going to talk about dinosaurs for a couple of reasons. First, Buddy had a science project where he had to do a diorama-type visual aid on the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period.

He had all the ideas, I merely helped him find some resources for information. I already knew that some dinosaurs were herbivores and others were carnivores, but I didn't have a distinct knowledge on specifically which ones ate leaves and shit and which ones ate littler dinosaurs. I'm now further educated on that topic.

It all made me think about my days as an herbivore (or vegetarian, to bring it up to date).

For nine years, I ate no meat, no meat by products. I did eat dairy - milk, cheese, eggs, that sort of thing. But, I did seriously scour labels. If the product had lard, beef broth, chicken stock or anything of that nature, it was not for me.

I practically lived off Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, Dr. Pepper, beer, potato chips and macaroni and cheese.

No wonder I only weighed 105 pounds in college (at 5 foot 9). I had a vegetarian and very controlling boyfriend at the time who monitored my food intake. I stayed at 105 for him. (and there's more, but that's a whole 'nother blog).

This was all back in the early 80s to the early 90s and being a vegetarian at that time was not only difficult, it was expensive.

Extra fun was had by trying to get food at any sort of restaurant - be it a nice sit down one or fast food.

One time, the ex BF and I went to Bennigan's. They had a black bean soup on the menu that sounded really good. So, I asked our server: "Is this soup made with any beef or chicken broth or stock?" Of course, in all her pimply teen server manner, she rolled her eyes and said she would check with the kitchen.

She returned and reported that the soup contained nothing I had asked about, so I ordered it. It arrived on my table and I sipped a spoonful. There was SAUSAGE in it! Um, hellooo? No meat means no meat, right? Dum dum took the soup away and didn't charge me for it.

Another time, I went to Burger King with some college friends. I ordered a whopper with cheese and everything, except NO patty. They looked at me as if I were growing a dick from my forehead, but charged me and delivered the product.

I never eat a fast food sandwich without first inspecting under the top bun. Most times (even today), I wipe off most of the half a jar of mayonnaise they like to slather on. I like mayo, but let's use some moderation here, mmmkay?

Okay, so I lifted the top bun and found teeny bits of meat flecks. What in the stir fried hell of patchouli was up?

I had to take the sandwich back to the counter, point out the offending meat flecks - and tell them that it was very obvious that an employee had just removed the patty from an already made whopper, re-wrapped it and acted like everything was just hunky-dory. I explained that I had been meat free for many years and if I ate that sandwich, I could possibly get very ill from it.

They fixed me a new sandwich, but I can't be sure there wasn't a booger on it or something. You know how vindictive food service employees can be.

After I met the Evil Twin, I knew keeping up with my meat free lifestyle would be difficult and I really missed tacos and bacon. Tofu tacos just don't cut it and fackon just isn't right, either.

So, I became an omnivore. Even though I still like ordering the vegetarian options at restaurants.

And there are some meals I fix (i.e. Thanksgiving dinner) where I won't eat anything except side dishes and the rolls. It's okay, I've been like this my whole life.

But, these days, I do truly love a single burger from Wendy's with cheese and everything - then I pick off the onions and wipe the bun down! ;-)


  1. The single is OK, but that Baconator would have it's way with you! LOL... I like to eat things that walk, it's a rule of mine.

  2. I love vegetarian food and eat vegetarian a lot. I adore Morningstar Farms patties and have them for dinner most nights.

    However, the existence of Bacon on the planet means that no matter how hard I might try, or how guilty I might feel about the piggies... I simply will not every be able to be a "vegetarian" - Bacon is my Kryptonite.

  3. Now you got me wanting a BK quaduple staker with extar bacon! Instead, I will go to my favorite indian (dot)restaurant and have some lentils and palak paneer with naan bread!

  4. I dated someone once that was totally convinced I was a vegetarian. It was never discussed but he had never seen me eat meat in the six months we dated and made that assumption. One day I told him that for my birthday dinner my mother made me veal parmesan and I can not wait for that delicious meal. "You won't eat a hamburger but you'll eat baby calf meat?" I had to explain that I didn't consume meat because I didn't LIKE meat but baby cow was just yummy.

  5. I could not do it... My body would crave the meat too much. But I also have no problem with folks who choose that lifestyle...

  6. Your description of eating sides and rolls sounds so much like me!

    I was and still am an incredibly picky eater. I didn't try a hamburger until I was 16. I still don't eat all types of meat. But I try new things now and am a lot more open.

  7. I have to admit that some members of my family would be strictly carnivores if I would let them. But I am a mean mommy who likes to slip things into their turkey burgers.

    I have considered going vegitarian, but I like meat too much. I do really enjoy a bean burger every now and then though.

  8. Maybe I would be less chunky if I stopped eating everything that walks. Just sayin'.

  9. I could never give up meat or dairy, or pretty much anything, since I eat mostly everything. :)

  10. That would be so give up meat and dairy. I myself would have the hardest time giving up carbs..I love me some carbs...but I LOVE meat way to much to ever give it up even though I know alot of it is bad for you.

  11. Now I want Wendy's.

    Why oh why are we a 1 car family!!!!!!!

  12. We do about 1/2 vegetarian meals and half whateverthehellsinthefreezer. ;) Welcome back to the dark side! lol

  13. um,yeah...I enjoy food waaaaaaaaay too much for me give up anything.ever. ;)

  14. I couldn't be a vegetarian...I love chicken tooo much. Oh and Barbque...mmmm...need to go find out what's for dinner...

  15. We have vegetarians in Texas. After they are big and fat, we chop them up, throw 'em on the grill and eat 'em.

  16. I like an occasional hamburger, but I could give up beef easily. Not chicken, though. I eat it nearly every day!

  17. I love little more than a VERY rare steak - (I often joke that I want it to be grazing on the side vegetables). But while on this health kick, on which I've lost much weight, I'm considering becoming a vegetarian. I envy that you were able to do it for so long, as I'm weighing all that I'll miss.
    BTW, your ex sounds like a complete tool. Glad you ditched him.

  18. "what in the stir fried hell of patchoui"

    That cracked me up so hard, lady.

  19. I was vegetarian for a few years in the mid-to-late 90s. It wasn't any easier then, but I was a very lazy vegetarian. My reasons were complicated and didn't involve the usual ones.

    I've been thinking about going back to it part-time. This post may have pushed me a little further in that direction. Oddly, Thanksgiving was when I missed meat the most.


  20. Cam and I eat meat free dinners 3 or 4 times a week. He doesn't even seem to notice, but then the child could live off noodles.

    Wendy's ... mmmmm ... the ONLY place I'll order a double whith cheese and NOTHING else. Just plain bread, beef and cheese glory!