Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Secrets

1. I used to look at gay porn before work.  Now I look at it after dinner too.  My wife would be disgusted if she knew.

2. I wish I knew Living Laura better.

3. I have a crush on my best friend's sister.  I don't know if it's because shes hot or if it's because she looks just like him and I have a latent homosexual attraction towards him

4. I'm naked right now.

5. I'm afraid to have sex with black chicks because of the image of roast beef wrapped in a brillo pad comes to mind, but I still think they're sexy.

6. I have a long-running lust for peggy bundy.

7. I only put milk in my coffee if I'm giving my girlfriend jizz.

8. I'm turning 30 and I still like watching old Transformers cartoons.

And those are your Friday Secrets. Sorry I'm late with them. I just can't get motivated today.


  1. It wasn't my secret but I would like to get to know Living Laura better too!

  2. ohh, you are never late.. this was just on time for my dose of anonymous confessions.. and loved every single one of em.. you are the best :D ... especially the ' i am naked ' one .. :P

  3. EVERYONE wants to get to know Living Laura better... She is HOT! ;)

  4. I feel sorry for the guy with the mental images.

    I have to agree with the lustin' after Peggy Bundy...except now she is the tough as nails motorcycle club mama Gemma.

  5. Living Laura is freaking awesome.

    Also, having a long running lust for Peggy Bundy is completely normal.

  6. HA! Wait. Huh? Well geez, maybe I should do one of those "Ask me anything" things. Er, no.

    :-) I heart anonymous secret-tellers.

  7. I dig me some Peg Bundy too. And I also like her as the hard as nails biker chick wife on Sons'.

  8. Am I out of the loop or what...who is Living Laura? From what I gather, she's freakin' amazing HOT!

  9. Um, yeah. She totally is. From what I've heard, anyway. Yeah. I'm going with that.

  10. Hahahaha @ Elle. Good secrets! Glad no one's talking about cheating this week. :O

  11. Who doesn't want to know Living Laura better??? You definately have an interesting group giving you secrets :-)

  12. WOW! The gay porn one really caught my attention! I just wonder how many more men do that!

    Hugs - Tiff

  13. Yeah...

    This installment is weird.


  14. Ah hands off people Elle from Living Laura is mine !!! I lusted her first :)

  15. Friday Secrets has turned into something that I actually seek out. Hell, today is Wednesday of the next week & I scrolled down to read them! :)

    No gay porn for me. Eewww.
    Must Google Living Laura to see what I'm missing.
    #3 has issues. :)
    #4 - I hope you're a chick.
    #5 - you have NO IDEA what you're missing.
    Peg Bundy has always made me tingly
    Nothing for 7 or 8.

    ETW - you're the best!!!!