Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Public Plea

Dear Mart of Wal,
I visit your establishment every Monday and sometimes even twice a week. Of course, I have my nearly four year old daughter with me while I do my shopping.

There are two things she loves about your store: getting a sticker and seeing the fish tanks.

The sticker is fine, unless she comes home and sticks it to the wall or some other piece of furniture. Then, I get a little irritated. But, really, that's nothing compared to the horror of the fish tanks.

I try, I really, really try to overlook the fact that in almost every tank, there is at least one "floater". How hard is it to have an employee scoop it out? Have someone swing by every half an hour or so and remove the casualties?

Because, really, I don't want to see that and I don't want my daughter to see it and start asking questions.

When the casualties are not scooped out in a timely manner, the other tank mates tend to snack on the floater. And, that is even grosser than seeing one belly up in the tank.

I do realize that most fish do not have a very long lifespan, but seriously, when there is a half eaten carcass floating in the tank and I can CLEARLY see it (not that I WANT to), one might think that an employee would also notice the carnage and get the little green net to dispose of the horror show.

Children love to gaze at those fish. Most of them will need therapy in years to come from witnessing the cannibalism that takes place at your establishment! Think of the children!

But, I have to thank you for at least helping ME lose a few pounds. I'm definitely put off eating after seeing those tanks.

Shoot, if you give me a baggie and a net, I'll clean the dead ones out for free on Mondays! Maybe you could throw in a cup of chicken nuggets for my kid for my trouble. Lord knows I don't want any food.

Along with the fish tanks, you should also make the employees check the restrooms more often. Or at least install automatic air fresheners. My child has to pee everytime we leave the house and those bathrooms smell like the "Brown Light Special" if ya know what I mean....

You're a kabillion dollar company! Clean up your act or I'll have to force my family to eat Wendy's fast food for the rest of our lives!



  1. Hahahaha... I don't know why but fish cannibalism as you describe it makes me laugh!

  2. It's not a pleasant sight is it? I avoid the tanks as much as possible just because it will waste 20 minutes of my day otherwise. We have had several pet fish, to wich all have gone belly up...and who finds them, the kids of course. Luckily they are used to seeing the "floaters" but the when the living fish eat on the dead fish...disgusting!

  3. Haha. I know JUST what you're talking about. The other day at the one by my house there was a sign on the tanks that said, "Sorry, these fish can not be sold. They have been contaminated."

    I threw up in my mouth just a little, and then wondered what had contaminated them.

  4. My store just restructured and I think they took out the fish tanks all together.

    And the bathrooms have a switch that you are supposed to switch when the facilities need some attention. I have never seen it off, so it probably just turns on a light in an empty room.

  5. Your Walmart still has the fish tanks? Ours doesn't. I'm so jealous. Please get video of the feeding frenzy for me next time. LOL

  6. You are so right! It makes me nauseous too. And clean your damn bathrooms!

  7. I'm just stuck with the fact that two out of three of your complaints are based on "floaters". ROFLMAO!!!

  8. Warped Mind of Ron is aptly named. lol

    They are a kabillion dollar company for a reason. Cuz they don't pay their employees enough for them to give a shit about the fish tanks OR the restrooms!

  9. Don't you see? Mart of Wal is giving you added value in your shopping experience! They are giving you a teaching moment - providing a lesson on nature - survival of the fittest!

    And here you are complaining ...

  10. Doc - When you see it, that's the only way to describe it. Ick!

    Chandra - I wish I could skip it, but she goes on and on if we don't at least swing by. It's so gross!

    CuteElla - I think the tanks at ours are ALL contaminated. Blech.

    Cara - Ours was also remodeled and the fabric section disappeared, but the tanks are still there. :-(

    Jay - Just for you, and since I always have my Flip camera, I WILL get some video (unless an employee stops me, but I've never seen one back there....LOL).

    Dish - I've noticed the BRs in the back (the site to store area) are MUCH cleaner...Still...

    Ron - What can I say? You know I love a good poop reference.

    Vinomom - But, I'm still compelled to shop there for the low, low prices. LOL.

    Dana - You're right! It could be a homeschooling moment!

  11. Never visited the fishies there - thanks for the tip. I agree with you on the bathrooms - at ours they can't even get the soap into the dispensers - it just sits on the counter - not to mention the STANK. Thank goodness my 7 month old is the only one who shops with me there these days.

  12. lol! what, are they trying to sell DEAD fish now too along with the live ones??! ;)

  13. I didn't even know Walmart sold fish. Even though I avoid that place like the plague, I am pretty sure the ones in my area do not.

    However, I would think they would have someone in charge of that section if they have live animals. I suppose I would have to agree that they really don't pay their workers enough to give a cr*p.

  14. Careful now - they might just decide to get rid of the fishies altogether!

    Wonder if THEY are made in China like the rest of the stuff in that store?

  15. Yuck. Just yuck, yuck, yuck. Get 'em ETW! :)

  16. Just for S's and G's, you should go in there one day, point to the floater, and tell them you want "that" one - that it's the most unique fish you've ever seen, and you'd like to breed them. In fact, get at least three of your friends to do that at the same Wal-Mart in one week. I'm willing to bet there would be a change.

  17. Just for S's and G's, you should go in there one day, point to the floater, and tell them you want "that" one - that it's the most unique fish you've ever seen, and you'd like to breed them. In fact, get at least three of your friends to do that at the same Wal-Mart in one week. I'm willing to bet there would be a change.

  18. Preach it sister! Sounds like you have a career option also if you decide to work outside the home!

  19. Mail this to Wal-Mart!!!!!!!! I'm sure they don't read your blog and so agree with you that someone there needs notified and I think your the perfect candidate :)

  20. Does your daughter also love the Lobsters in the Supermarket ? I always said to my kids..."Poor Lobsters, they are doomed".

    Almost every PC has a screensaver of an aquarium. Have you tried that ? I use my 42" HDTV for a monitor and with the surround sound its pretty cool ! They NEVER die.