Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let's Talk TP

Just after her 3rd birthday last year (about mid February), Sissy decided that using the potty sounded like a good idea. Only she didn't like the looks of the little plastic potty we had bought her. She wanted the puffy Dora seat on the big potty.

Fine - whatever works right? Once she made up her mind, that was it. She had maybe 2 pee accidents and a couple of poop accidents.

She wore pull ups at night for another few months after that. I wanted to make sure she was waking up dry for a few weeks before we ditched the pull ups.

Visions of money savings danced in my head! No more diapers, wipes and pull ups! Hooray! (Well, I do buy the flushable wet wipes for the kids).

So, we have four people using three bathrooms around here. For whatever reason, we seem to fly through the TP.

My mom always bought Quilted Northern and that's what I have always bought. A few weeks ago, I couldn't find it at my regular shopping haunt, but they DID have this:

Good enough. Close enough.

Dudes, this stuff is THREE PLY! It is awesome!

Even the Evil Twin noticed a difference. He asked me what brand of TP I had bought and I said, "Quilted Northern". But, he said, "There's something different about this." I said, "Oh, it's that new Ultra Soft or something like that."

Well, friends, I may be cheap, but this is one spot in life it pays to spend a little extra. No one wants cheap, scratchy, thin toilet paper.

With my family, it looks like all that wonderful savings is going down the toilet (pun intended), because my crew can go through a 12 pack of TP like no one's business! And, it's not that Sissy is using a big wad of it - she still requires assistance with getting the TP, and I only give her about 4 squares. I use the wet wipes for poop clean up - and usually only one or two of those, depending.

I may as well just put it at the top of my shopping list every week. :-)


  1. why don't you install a bidet? i'm poor so i just use the removable showerhead...

  2. TP is something I won't buy generic. We buy Northern also. Some of the very thick papers - Like Charmin Ultra - Seem like they don't flush well. Low flow toilets.

  3. Going through that potty training thing right now... UGH!

    BTW - I get the Target brand TP and it's pretty good... but not 3 ply though.

  4. Sooo ...

    I know you're a WalMart fan, but if you are ever wondering through a Target, they have their brand of the 3-ply and I'd be willing to bet it's the Northern repackaged because I cannot tell a difference.

  5. yes, i DO love me some quilted northern. no finger punctures, no tp balls left behind.
    it's one of the finer things in life.

  6. I get the same thing here at Arkham. However, I know the reason why. I have started asking my little inmates as to why they feel the need to use an amount equivalent to the length of a football field to wipe.

    I have been cracking down on this as one wipe equals half a roll in this family. Not acceptable.

  7. fattie20xl - a bidet is an excellent idea, but I'd still want to follow up with a dry wipe. Ya know?

    3C - We don't like Charmin here - it leaves paper "residue" where "residue" is not appreciated!

    Doc - Have fun with the potty training!

    Dana - I love Target too and shop there sometimes. I'll have to check out their 3 ply.

    JACW - Exactly!!

    Joker - Hmmm. I'm going to have to make some inquiries here, too, it seems. :-)

  8. Loves me the Quilted Northern! It practically guarantees a reduction in caramel finger incidents!!!

  9. Awesome... I always use Angel Soft because it's fairly good and cheap, but I may just have to switch!

    Hugs - Tiff

  10. I suck. I buy the huge 100 billion roll pack from Costco for $1.99 and call it good. No complaints from the Hubbs so I aint switchin'!

  11. I don't like that ultra-soft quilted stuff. I don't feel like it cleans things off. I use Scotts. Not soft. Huge roll. I can get at Costco in jumbo packs. Living on my own, a jumbo pack lasts me a while - though I do have guests over quite a bit.

  12. Charmin UltraStrong here. No skimping is a MUST with the TP.

  13. We use the same one as Tiff here. You only need a few squares of it and we don't use nearly as much as we used to.

  14. No one in my house wants to use John Wayne TP (tough as hell and don't take shit off no-one).

    TP is one of my few no gos on generics.

  15. We are a quilted northern family as well! Nothing else is touching this hinny!

  16. that scene sounds like right out of a commerical!

    "hey honey, this isnt our NORMAL toilet paper!"

    "No dear, its new and improved QUILTED NORTHERN! Now its 3 PLY for our comfort!"

  17. Ron - I totally almost mentioned the caramel finger incidents, but I have to remain somewhat ladylike, ya know?

    Tiff - this stuff is good and I don't think it's badly priced for what you get.

    Lisa - If no one grouses, why change?

    Karen - I need to go to Sam's and just buy a palette of Quilted Northern. That might last a while around here! LOL.

    tiff - I find the Charmin to be "crumbly", so does the Evil Twin. Hmmmm.

    Kenju - I imagine just 2 people (except when guest come by), the TP last longer, too. Dang kids and their butt wiping! LOL.

    Cara - I will only buy a different brand (no generics) if I absolutely cannot find QN. The Cottonelle is not bad...

    Dish - Amen, sistah!

    Slyde - See that I majored in Advertising Journalism and tell me I didn't learn a thing or two! These companies should PAY ME MONEY!

  18. I love the quilted stuff for my hiney...Mr. E loves the kind with Aloe - I don't know if they make that anymore! - nothing to good for his ass apparently! lol!

  19. The price of toilet paper makes me cranky. Really cranky.

    In the master bath, I've got this "made in portugal" toilet that clogs if you look like you might be thinking of spitting in it. I have to be careful of that puffy TP. Or replace the toilet. AT the price of toilet paper, I can't deal with toilet replacement. 'Tis a conundrum

  20. Target is the best for our family, and it lasts forever, so in the long run it saves us money. I also find the Charmin crumbly for some reason, but it is soft. My days buying generic is over.

  21. The blog title was a great attention-grabber! Can't you buy it in bulk? It might be less expensive that way!

  22. We are just starting the potty training process with Molly. Abby took one day, had one pee accident and that was it. She was 4 months shy of 3. I never even had to help her...so easy.

    For some reason I have dreaded doing it with Molly and she will be 3 this month,yikes! I guess I will get busy before the month is over...ugh. Zach will be all Ed's to train!

  23. I use wipes. Why should they only be for kids? Makes me feel nice and fresh!

  24. I buy the Angel Soft. My ass really doesn't care, or know the difference. Haha.

  25. I agree you cannot cheap out on TP!
    Well worth the purchase.
    Congrats on the potty training. :)

  26. I tried the extra quilted (with aloe, I think) when it was on sale. My Spousal Unit respectfully requested that I never purchase it again.

    When I asked why, he shook his head and muttered, "Because I feel like I'm wiping my butt with a pillow. That's just NOT RIGHT."

  27. Strange that you bring this up becuase I typically buy Angel Soft. I bought a generic Safeway brand the other day and I culdn't believe how much cushier it was! My ass is not real particular about tissue brands, but this is the one time I have noticed a marked difference.

  28. I am SO with you on that. The dang office just changed to that sand paper called Scott's tissue...that junk scrapes a pound of shit and two pounds of skin off when you use it...yikes!

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