Monday, August 24, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

There are many, many times in a day where I think to myself, "WTF?" Of course, I don't say it out loud. I do have children, ya know?

And besides when I say it in my head it's more like "WHAT the FUCK?!?!"

So, yea, that thought pops into my pea brain often.

1. I don't understand why members of my family don't get the concept of turning a light out upon leaving a room. I mean, if it's daytime, I will go into rooms and not even bother with the light. I can see well enough with the daylight coming through the windows. WTF?!?

2. Buddy, who is currently 11.5 years old, cannot get the hang of flushing the toilet. Not for #1 or #2. How hard is it to flip that lever? I don't want to smell the hours old pee funk left behind! FLUSH! I don't care if it's yellow or brown, it ALL should go down. WTF?!?

3. Stop signs. Especially a four way stop. Whoever gets there first, goes first. Don't wave me on, don't act like you got there first when I know better. Also? People who won't turn right on red. It's legal! Turning LEFT on red is also legal - from a one way to a one way. Am I the only person who read the damn handbook? WTF?!?

4. Facebook. Seriously, what is with all the poking and insane quizzes? Sure, I secretly love reading all the other responses, but I can't bring myself to participate. WTF?!?

5. Every evening, I sweat like the most popular whore in the cathouse. Is this menopause? pre-menopause? I'm not sure, but I do know that I'm not fond of the whole ordeal. I like heat, but not being sweaty. I guess this is part of life. Whatever it is, I hope it passes quickly and takes the "female trouble" along with it, because I am tired of the monthly crap. WTF?!?

This is just a small list of my daily WTFs. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. great list. and i completely identify with number 3. some people just don't seem to know how stop signs work. there's NO need for waving people thru!! just give way to the right.
    whiskey tango foxtroxt! love it.

  2. Ok here's my run down

    1) On when I come in, off when I leave.
    2) He'll grow out it, leave a something for him a he will get the message. Jus jokin!
    3) RTFM as I say. You don't know if haven't read it.
    4) Some are interesting and others are crap. Poking is a way to say "Hey, look at me."
    5) Carry a hand fan with you, don't know if it helps but I always wonder as a kid why all the older women in church would be fanning themselves profusely when the Ac was jacked up enough to freeze the devils nuts off.

  3. I think the no flushing is a boy thing. Big J has the same problem and it drives me (and Little J)nuts! Gross!

  4. LMAO

    Perhaps you need a bathroom motion sensor that say, "Flush Dammit" whenever anything passes it. Eventually, he would learn.

    He'd never make it with these dudes that lived in a house I had to live in once. There was a dude's bathroom and a girl's bathroom. The dudes used to leave these incredible notes for this one guy who didn't clean skidmarks from the toilet while they were fresh. I remember one two-page diatribe posted on the Dude's Dumpsite started: "People in the civilized world do not leave their shit for others to clean. This includes the nasty-assed skids that you refuse to clean for yourself. Surely, you look at the toilet when you finished flushing. Who doesn't? If you see skidmarks...." Really, two pages of that. And, yet, the man never got the message and never cleaned a skid.

  5. OMG #3 is the worst!! Hate hate hate it!! How about the idiot that drive all the way on the right hand side of the road and decide they want to turn left, block the whole road!! If they just got to the left side at the intersection other people could make their right hand turns! Gah!!!

  6. Those are excellent Whisky Tango Foxtrots! I too am curious about several of those things.

  7. I enjoyed your list...and I swear it's genetic with 4yr old boy has already developed a dislike of flushing the toilet...he even says he flushed it, when it's clear he did not. Why ?? I say that a lot these days..just'Why'? :)

  8. Love it! I think I say WTF??? to myself at least 3x a day...or is that just in the morning?? hmmmm...

  9. I'm left saying WTF way too many times, and usually while driving amongst drivers in the Carolinas.

  10. Rod maybe right about the toilet. Leave something for your boy and he will get the message. (we hope)

    I hate it when adults do that - and more and more often I see it in public toilets. Ew.

  11. Maybe you can put one of those automatic flushers on the toilet like they have in many public restrooms? Either that or stick his head in the toilet every time he forgets to flush. ;-)

  12. Crap! My 9 year old can't seem to flush either...I was hoping there was some age very soon at which he would grow out of it...maybe not. I guess I am excited to know there is someone else out there with the same trouble though

  13. If you figure out a cure for #5....

    poke me on Facebook! ;)

  14. I love your list! And I agree on all points. And hear myself think those 3 words numerous times a day...

  15. I am with ya on all of them. stops signs are the worst!

  16. Hey - at least the boy manages to go in the toilet... my nephews drive me nuts with their COMPLETE INABILITY TO HIT THE BOWL!!!

    I'd be happy to flush after them... if only I didn't have to clean the toilet at my mom's house every time I wanted to use it because the nephews simply can't figure out how.

    (BTW, I'll give the 3 year old a pass on aiming... but the 12 year old??!!)

  17. CM - The Evil Twin will act like he's checking his watch or something to ignore the wave-thruers. He likes to piss them off. LOL.

    Shiny Rod - Thanks for the fan idea. I do turn my ceiling fan on almost all the time!

    Ginger - You just would not believe the amount of Lysol and air fresheners I go through!

    BB - I dread the filthy skid! But, there I is, scrubbing everyone's skids and lord knows what off our three bowls all the time.

    Ron - I could go on and on about traffic WTFs!

    CuteElla - If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know!

    Gigi - Why, indeed?

    TGG - WTF is where it is!

    Scott - Driving and WTFs go hand in hand!

    Kenju - I've had to pass by 3 or 4 stalls in a public restroom before I've found one that is clean! Gross!

    Jay - Giving the Swirly might work!

    Warren - At least we're not the only ones! Do you ever wonder what happens if they're staying at a friend's house? Ugh!

    RLL - You'll have to email me someway to add you to my FB.

    The Dish - I'm sure your brain is cycling thru WTF on such a fast basis, it probably can't be counted!

    Loni - Sigh! What is up with people?

    NCP - I guess I am lucky the kid has good aim! :-)

  18. Geez the no flushing thing happens frequently in our house too and it's disgusting. Boys will be boys(that includes the husband too)

    Ahh early signs of menapause..I feel ya. Since my 'operation' I experience the night sweats or HELL SWEATS as I call them it will get to the point where you can't sleep so be ready for that to happen...WTF???

  19. I am with you on every single one....except #2 belongs to an adult male that i live with. as for #5....been there done that glad it is all over with.

  20. My WTF is a bit different. People who turn right on red, but do it with traffic coming and then go 35 miles per hour. I pass one certain intersection every morning, and four out of five mornings some man in a truck thinks he can beat us, and we all slam brakes. There is a curve, and due to this, it is difficult to judge distance. I almost think those turning, at that particular area, believe they have the right of way. Wow, that felt good to say outloud.

    Good topic.

  21. you're doing much better than me b/c I usually do so it out loud!!!

  22. OMG... I completely know what you mean about the stop signs.

    Hugs - Tiff

  23. Chandra - Thanks for giving me the heads up!

    rosemary - really! How hard is it to press that lever??

    Robyn - There are many driving violations that make me think WTF on a regular basis! LOL.

    Mandy - After your kid repeats it, you become much more conscientious. LOL.

    Tiff - We have a couple of "trouble spots" here where there is always some issue! And I have to drive those routes often.

  24. The stop signs - well....we have a similar issue here with roundabouts (not sure what you guys call these?) - people here just don't seem to have a clue who gives way to who....grr!
    Facebook - seems a lot like high school at times. I do the quizzes occasionally if I'm bored shitless :)

    The flushing thing - I have no idea. I should, being in a house full of men, but I don't I'm afraid - sorry! :)

    The sweating thing - yes, what's with that? I go to bed freezing and wake up sweating every morning - it sucks!


  25. ew ew ew! You had better teach Buddy soon if he ever wants to get a girlfriend! :)

    I HATE the poking on FB. Stop f'ing poking me! It doesn't MEAN anything!

  26. Not sure how old you are, girl, but at 43 I can tell you that the whole sweating/trouble regulating your body temp lasts a long foxtrot time!

    As for the boy flushing, we've got the flushing issue down, but the whole spewing pee all over the toilet, wall, floor thing we're still working on ;)

  27. I verbalize that sentiment out loud, ultiple times daily. #4 drives me up a wall. I refuse to go on an African Safri or even start farming - but my "friends" still send me all this stuff for my garden or for African trip. Gads!

    #5 is a pain in the behind. I had a total hysterectomy when I was 34...Have such lovely night sweats ever since. What a pain!

  28. When my son was learning to drive he asked me number 3. When you and three other people are at a four way stop, who goes first?

    I replied...

    "I do. None of those shitty drivers are going to get in front of me that is for damn sure."

    Words we all need to live by. :=)