Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Crazy Hair

I mentioned that I had a mohawk the other day in my post. A few people wanted to see photographic evidence of it.

Sadly, I have no pictures of the 'hawk. It only lasted 3 weeks anyway, because I wore my hair in a crew cut style and my hair grows very fast.

I can show you the crew:

I was a combat boots wearing punk.

I hung out with all the other misfits and I've never been happier and I've made some of the best friends I've had in life.

I'm still a punk girl at heart, but I have to look the part of "Snow White Soccer Mom". Even though I have three large tattoos and 12 earrings.

I try to blend in so my children aren't mortified by my existence, but I do not give one tiny shit what anyone personally thinks of me.

I will assimilate for my children, I will not cow-tow to general public mores.

And that's why y'all get to see things like this!


  1. I bet a lot of soccer moms have interesting pasts. The fact that you suppress it for your kids makes you the best parent.

  2. Unbelieveable, the ETW can pull off a crew ! Not many people can babe ! You were hot !!!

  3. P.S. And you still are, I'm seriously, beautiful girls and all.

  4. Not only a radical non-conformist, but also celebrating the New Year. Well ... Blessed Be, my friend.

  5. Well...That surely got my morning off right. I did not expect to see that, thanks ETW. Just stay the way you are, I love it.

  6. I don't think anyone will notice your earrings! ;-))

  7. FIGHT THE MAN!! Power to the REVOLUTION!! Eh... whatever other slogans I need to yell to help "support" pictures of the girls. LOL

  8. Love the crew...I miss the 80's!

  9. Clearly I need to beat some sense into Sujomi ... miss the 80's? AACCKK!!

    But you do look awfully cute in that "crew" ...

    Thank goodness you are such a rebel!

  10. Boy, I sure picked a GREAT day to drop by!!!! :)

    Lookin sexy, ETW! I've always loved a gal with a crew... Unfortunately these days, most of them are competing with me to land a chick... LOL

    You do (and did) look great.

  11. You're probably the coolest soccer mom out there!

  12. HA! I am listening to 80s music right now...ahhh...the memories! Anyhow, the girls are nice and all, but can you show your tats? I am def curious now! I dig good ink!

  13. Excellent post....but I have to laugh at all Ron's comments - he's a trip.

  14. You totally crack me up! Love the pics (and the ones of the ET).

  15. Here's the link to the Chinese Zodiac. It's got some great stuff in it. Pretty close to nailing me down.


  16. Hey! I wore a buzz cut when I was a punk kid too !

    No painful peircings though, I'm a coward for pain : D

  17. Punk rock chicks are hawt. And, they're good to have around in a bar fight! ;-)

  18. oh u cracker me up. i've always been more preppy grunge rocker/soccer mom. lol.

  19. You're a good mom. :-)

    Nice picture. :-)

  20. Karen - Most of my punk friends are parents now. We've all mellowed out a bit!

    The Girl - Thanks, beautiful!

    Crazy Mo - The poster is actually a one sheet for a band (formerly known as The Misfits, then later as Danzig).

    Shiny Rod - Thanks! And thanks for the link, too. :-)

    Clippy Mat - ;-)

    Ron - I was a punk, not a hippie! :-)

    Sujomi - I don't really miss the 80s, although I did have lots of fun!

    TGG - Thanks!

    Dana - I certainly gave my parents a run for their money! LOL.

    SoLow - Thanks, at my height, I often got mistaken for a guy or a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Leighmo - Buddy says I'm mostly cool! ;-)

    Warren - I've posted the tats a few times. I'll try to find the pic for you. :-)

    themom - Thanks, and Ron cracks me up as well!

    JFab - Someone has to be shameless around here. Might as well be me. LOL.

    Powdergirl - Aw, you need to have lots of metal in your body! ;-)

    Jay - I've actually been in some altercations. And, I am such a wuss otherwise!

    Heather - You're probably much younger than me. :-)

    3C - Well, I do make an effort. I know I fall short many times.

  21. I was of the hippy era...my frizzy hair finally was in style...i still have 7 piercings in my ears and have thought about letting 1/2 of them close....but I really don't want to. You carried your punk well.

  22. i totally cannot picture you punk!

    i wish you had a pic of that 'hawk...

  23. I cut off all my hair when I had my son, it was just easier that way. Now I'm trying to grow it back and it's taking forever!

  24. Cute pic. I'm a hippie on the inside now, myself....for the same reasons as you.

  25. We have that in common then- I too sported a fearsomely fierce mohawk several years back. I don't have any photos of mine though I wore it for a good while. I wasn't into having my picture taken back then. I mean- even less than I am now. I feel like such a self-conscious dork, yet I love to take pics of everyone else.

    My liberty spikes were 13 inches high and the shorn part of my scalp was sometimes dyed blue, other times when I was feeling fruity I'd paint leopard spots on it. Hahaha. Thank God I don't have pics. (Though I'm sure some are floating out there somewhere.)

  26. You still rock it girl!

    Combat boots and a crew...we so would have gotten along back in the day! I lived in a trench coat, boots and dyed hair!

  27. Dude - the crew is swesome.

  28. I always wanted a crew cut - still do.

  29. "Snow White Soccer Mom", I think I saw that porno flick once.

    My wife sometimes has to tone me down from saying or doing something foolish. I tell her I don't give a rats a** what people thing about me.

    I will watch my Ps and Qs so that Little One does not get embarrassed.

    Thanks for the cleavage...nice photo...keep up the good work.

  30. Exactly how I though you were.
    I pictured you as a punked out girl when you told those stories HA!
    You looked great! (still do)
    Love that you can pull that look off.

  31. Dammit, ETW! Show the tatts AND the tits!

  32. Love the look! It's great you are just yourself - so many people get caught up in being someone they're not. You rock, ETW!!!

  33. Shoot all the soccer moms in Cross Lanes show their tits, whether they should or not. PTO stands for put tits out over here.

  34. ROFLMAO!!! @ JBlank! Too funny - and too true!

    I really came to say: as a punker girl? You are HAWT. Serious business.