Monday, August 31, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Okay, so I told you all that I would be on hiatus for the last part of the week. I'm glad I took a couple of days off. I was able to catch up with many of the blogs I love to read and I also had plenty of time for this:

Yeah, so that's been my life for a while. I started the project last Sunday, but really got into it on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That whole middle school thing?

It's going okay. Buddy is getting into it and has had some good days. There have been a couple of blips, but nothing major, so I sigh the sigh of total relief!

And yet, I have this PROJECT I started to distract myself still breathing down my neck.

If it makes you all feel any better, my nails and cuticles look like crud.

And now, I'm off to pick at more wallpaper! :-P


  1. You've been busy! Nice legs in the reflection...hubba, hubba.

  2. Good for you!

    Besides, I hear crud nails and cuticles are going to be the rage this year. You, again, are ahead of the fashion curve.

  3. i'm sure you'll get it done. hope you update as you go. :-)

  4. You're doing a really good job and that's a lot of work. Woo Hoo! I have a feeling the Evil Twin's asshole is going to be puckered for a few more days though :)

  5. Looks like the project is going good. You got almost done except for those nigly bits. LMAO

  6. I am so glad to hear middle school is going well. I have been thinking of Buddy and his mama.

  7. Holy crap, woman, that's a lot of work!!! Makes me feel like a slacker, since I slept late and laid around all weekend ;)

  8. Dave - And that's part of the reason I've waited 5 yrs to start it!

    Ginger - LOL! I noticed that and tried to get away from the reflection fast!

    BB - Let's just say that after this is over, I'm going to be applying cuticle oil like a junkie (who loves cuticle oil).

    CM - I'm thinking there are more updates to come... :-)

    The Girl - I hate the picking, but love when I get HUGE strips!

    Ron - I'm hoping to wrap it up by this coming weekend.

    Shiny Rod - Niggly is a word us Southerners us to mean petty or worrisome details. (and it is a real word!) :-)

    Robyn - Thanks. I've been thinking of ya'll too!

    Lola - It has taken me 5 years to get up the nerve to get started, but once it's done, the entire house will be free of ALL wallpaper. Whew!

  9. Okay don't sound at all what I thought you might sound like (what does that mean anyway..I have no idea)...I love your accent. We don't have any in Kansas(that I know of)..sounds almost southern. Love it, very cute!
    Secondly I don't think there is anything worse then taking walpaper down. It is soooo time consuming but you seem to be coming along nicely. Your dining room is going to look wonderful when your done!
    Lastly, good to hear Buddy is doing well in 6th grade!

  10. What a job! Once I got the wallpaper off my walls, I was done. My walls are now painted and I love them. Looks like a HUGE job! Look at the end... you can go for an awesome manicure!

  11. Incredible project! And I am glad to hear that school is going well.

  12. I could listen to that Southern accent all day!
    And yeah, big job, but it's gonna look great when you're done. Loved the bit about bringing your Mama's favorite stool home, very touching.
    Go Buddy!

  13. It's cool when you hear a blogger for the first time......that's one hell of a job....been there done that but not to the extent you have done....I made it thru one and a half walls....I put up faux brick the stuff....really makes a room look warm.

  14. That looks like such a huge task, it made me tired just to look at it. Actually it reminded me of when we painted the entire interior of this house-except for the master bath. Now I wish we had painted it, but at the time when we got to that room I said,"To hell with it, I'm done." But I digress...

    Good luck with your wallpaper removal!

    And I'm glad that middle school is going well for Buddy!

  15. Good job so far. It already looks really good. Love the accent as well. Keep it up. You'll be finished before you know.

  16. Wallpaper is the work of Satan and should be outlawed....

  17. You're a better woman than me! I painted over some of my wallpaper & then hired someone to peel the rest! lol!

  18. I agree with "noceleryplease." But you've done a real good job, I'd say. I've done that more than once. One thing I noticed: you have a Southern acc-say-yent. Is that cuz you was tearin' off all that wallpaper?

  19. Dude - you sound NOTHING Like I think you should.

    And man - you pick huge projects for distractions. Dang.

  20. We have the same doors and wood trim in our house. All I noticed beyond that was those get-away sticks!

    Look at them gams! Woooo-woooo!

  21. Chandra - I lived in KS for a couple of years, I don't think accents exist there.

    JFab - I hope I can do that!

    Debbie - Thanks! :-)

    Powdergirl - Awww, thanks!

    Rosemary - we do love the Z-Brick.

    MEL - I totally understand your frustrations! :-)

    AC - I can strip (wallpaper) for you! :-)

    Voyeur - Thanks! It's going quickly!

    NCP - You have a point there!

    TGG - My cheapness trumps my laziness every time!

    Paul - No, that's because I am Southern. More on that later.

    Tiff - I really got in over my head on this one!

    Mary - Our house was built in 1956, what year is yours?

  22. I do not know I why i giggled when you said "niddily-bits". So darn cute! And that southern accent. You sound like a true Belle to me sitting up here in the land of bland speak!

    Well done! I think I saw at one point a red kitchen aid-lovely! A red sofa - also lovely! My favorite color for most everything is red.

    Take care dear, don't fall off that ladder!

  23. You're making excellent progress :)