Monday, August 3, 2009

Brought to you by the letter L

As in LATE.

I know you all are hanging on the edge of your seats wondering, "Did they use up all the jizz rags?"

Why, yes. Yes we did. To clean up vomit!

Sissy woke up at 6 am on Friday and proceeded to throw up on our bed (twice!), on me (once), on herself (twice) and on the little white towels generally reserved for more exciting use about a million times (I'm exaggerating).

So that's how we kicked off the Evil Twin's actually birthday day. Oddly enough, she only puked until about noon, ate a banana and was right as rain after that.

Still, we didn't want to go out and do anything in case she really wasn't over the "blowing chunks" portion of the early day.

We decided to hold off on the idea of going out to lunch or dinner for Saturday.

Then, the Evil Twin spent the entire day doing yard work. Our house was built on a double lot, so there is a lot of yard around here. By the time he was finished, he was too exhausted to do anything other than get a shower and lounge around.

Finally, on Sunday, we decided to order up a boat load of Chinese food and do carry out. It was VERY good and we all ate like pigs and there is plenty left over. In fact, I may get three meals out of mine (Hunan Bean Curd - yes, I like spicy and I like tofu. What of it?)

The Evil Twin is off again today (he had also taken the day off on Friday), and we're getting ready to do the standard Monday shopping.

I wanted to thank everyone for wishing the Evil Twin a happy 50th - and he appreciates it too. Our internet was down from about 10 am to 6 pm on Friday, so I wasn't able to keep up with the comments. So, THANKS! :-) You guys rock!


  1. Nothing like a little Roman Shower action on your birthday. Glad she was feeling better quickly. You'll just have to reschedule all the birthday shenanigans for this weekend.

  2. Yuck for Sissy! Glad she is feeling better. I agree with Ron.... this weekend for the party!

  3. Ehhhh, gross. Glad she's doing better. I don't think a parent's birthday would be complete with out some throw up

  4. Too bad the rags weren't used for their intended purpose ;), but there is always another night! Hope Sissy is doing better - Happy shopping!

  5. Glad everyone's feeling normal again. Get those rags washed PRONTO! ;) Never know when you're gonna need one.

    Hope ET had a wonderful birthday. Love really is all that's required. And a cake.

  6. My birthday was yesterday, and no one threw up.

    I hope she's feeling much better. :-)

  7. Poor Sissy. Did she eat something bad? We've been fighting a flu bug too but more along the lines of cold and cough and high temperatures. What's going to happen to us when it's actually flu season?

    Glad she's feeling better and everyone enjoyed their Sunday!

  8. Throwing up is the pits. I hope she continues to feel better.

    Good call on the food. Chinese is a great way to celebrate. I had pork stir fry last night and it was very tasty!

  9. Oh my - not much in my life ever turns out as planned, so I can totally empathize with you. Tonight, we're attempting to celebrate my husband's b-day before he leaves for his sales meeting. We've already had to abort an attempt at the pool due to the kid's meltdowns....and my son already told my husband all about the cake that was supposed to be a!

  10. Sorry Sissy was pukey! That is no fun. Glad TET enjoyed his day anyways!

  11. Hope the "pukies" are done with. Glad I ate my lunch before this or I'd be joining Sissy. I did up some Jambalaya yesterday and invited a few close friends over. Forgot to tell them I use Louisiana Red Hots, I think I may have a sharp spike in my water bill. Make the weekend special for the hubby if ya know what I mean...nuff said

  12. Oh no!! I hope she feels better! How miserable. sick in the summer time!

  13. I've had the pukie on the bedspread. Its so gross, but no one else would touch it so you have to. Not fun at all. especially if its in your bed.

  14. Ron - We had enough fun this past weekend!

    JFab - It's always *something*!

    The Girl - And she saved it up for TET's 50th!

    Sujomi - Yes, there are more opportunities!

    RLL - I did laundry all weekend, so everything is clean and ready for service! And yes, there was a cake. :-)

    3C - Thanks, she is better. Seemed to be short lived, thank goodness!

    Chandra - We're not sure. We're thinking it was she ate something that didn't agree with her b/c she bounced back so fast.

    Dave - We do Chinese carry-out every New Year's Eve! So yummy.

    Gigi - The best laid plans.... LOL.

    The Dish - It was *interesting* to say the least, but it turned out alright.

    Shiny Rod - Oh, he's been gifted already and often! ;-)

    Lisha - I know! I can deal with almost anything, but a puking kid is where I draw the line!

    Voyeur - I had to strip the bedding wash and replace that day. I think I did 4 loads of wash on Friday! LOL.

  15. Oh my gosh! You totally made me freakin' hungry by mentioning Chinese food. Now I want some peanut chicken. Aw, man.

    Glad everyone's digestive tracts are back in black.

  16. Poor everybody! i would just be SO bummed if I got thrown up on on my birthday...oh wait i did! Must be a sign of a perfect parent or something...... dontcha think?

  17. Hey, I'm late, too! You cracked my ass up with "jizz towels." Glad Sissy's feeling better now.

  18. I'm LATE too ... in commenting! I didn't want you to feel all alone.

  19. I suppose it was a good thing that ET was so tired...all your white rags were otherwise'd have been in a pickle!