Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Random

With middle school looming in Buddy's future, I'm finding it hard to stay focused on any one thing for much time. I kind of just want to "get there" and get it started, so I finally find out what to expect. We'll see....

1. On Wednesday, we went to the pool. We took our friends Inanna and her son (one of Buddy's BFFs) too, since she had the day off. It was really nice and there was almost no one there!

2. I wonder what the pool apparel protocol is, exactly. It seems like some people will get up to go to the concession stand and wrap their towel around them, almost robe like. Others, like me, figure "You've already seen me in this swimsuit, I'm not covering up to get a soft pretzel with cheese."

3. Buddy spent the night with Inanna's son, and we expect them all up here later for more sun and fun (and maybe pizza!? Mmmmm).

4. While we were at the pool, Sissy noticed *something* in a cracked corner of the baby pool. I investigated further and it was a little frog. We kept checking on him and finally, he was in a position where I was able to poke at him and get him out and rescue him from sure drowning! Here's the little fella:

You might have to click to make it larger - I tried to get to my camera in time to get a pic of him on the pool edge, but he hopped off quickly! (Kenju, I always have my camera! LOL).

4. I must be missing my mom more than usual lately. Every evening, I fix myself a scrambled egg sandwich, on toast, with plenty of real mayo. And have a handful of chips. She always made the BEST scrambled egg sandwich and I still miss her skillful touch of this simple meal. (plus, she always used white bread, but I buy 100% Whole Wheat for the family, so I deal. Extra mayo makes it easier to deal with!).

5. This weekend, we plan to do some back to school clothes shopping. It's the first time I haven't just been able to call Land's End and order uniforms. I'm looking forward to the new twist!

6. Blogger has made it difficult for me to visit blogs and leave comments - I keep getting an error message. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon! And when it is fixed, I WILL be around to leave a comment.

7. Thank goodness, tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love weekends!

And I hope you all have a lovely one!

I didn't forget: HNT:


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about :)

    The clothes shopping should be fun and interesting, but nothing like having a selection to chose from to make getting ready in the morning more difficult.

  2. You sure know how to distract\torture a poor fellow. Well, if I wasn't awake before, I am now. What frog?

  3. Sounds like fun - and I didnt think anyone in the USA wore uniforms to school. Guess I was wrong??

    And the girls look a bit burnt!! Have you been slapping on the sunscreen?? lol

    Have fun for the rest of the break, Jen

  4. Gawd, I love HNT!!!

    You never disappoint, ETW!! Thanks! I sure do hope that ET is giving those puppies the attention they deserve... :)

  5. Long live HNT! Thanks for making me smile and improving my out look for today.

    Scrambled eggs sandwiches...yummy!

    I like mine on toasted bread with real Mayo, not Miracle Whip, and if possible, a couple slices of tomato.

    Next step HNM, HNTu, HNW, HNTh,...etc. You get my drift?

  6. At the pool I cover up when I am walking around or going to other areas. Heck, I cover up in my own yard when going from the lounger to the house.

    But that is just what my mom always did and how I was taught that ladies act. It IS kind of provincial actually. LOL. But I have a bunch of cute little dresses (beach/pool cover ups) so I guess I will just continue that tradition.

  7. I would never think to cover up to go to the concession stand when everyone has already seen me in my bathing suit. I lived in Florida. All the neighbors (and me) mowed their lawns and did all lawn chores that could safely be done in swimwear in swimwear. It's hot down there. The whole swimwear thing just made it easier to cool off under a spray from the garden hose.

    As the frustrations of free-style school clothes shopping set in, just remember that it's easier with the males. There are all kinds of extra rules for the girls on dress length, strap width on sleeveless tops, and what have you with girls.

    With the guys you're just pretty much limited to worrying about what kind of sayings or pictures might be on the cool shirts. I know you hate shirts with sayings and logos, but those other kids in Buddy's new class may make them mighty tempting to him. At that age, you wear your cool as much as we did when we were in school.

    Have fun and lovely shot of both the froggy saved from the scourge of chlorine and the morning mounds.

  8. Nothing like some tan boobage in the morning!

    Enjoy your last days of summer!

  9. I bet that frog pooped in the pool.

  10. Oh, and is it okay if I print out that pic of your cleavage and add it to my collection that have taped up around my room? No? Too late. ;-)~

  11. What lovely cleavage you have! (Have you considered submitting to Boob Emancipation? I'm sure they'd love to have you!)

    I say pool apparel is whatever you're comfortable in. Sometimes I just go, sometimes I grab my towel. Often it depends on how cold I am.

    And have fun with school shopping! Good luck :)

  12. when I was "allowed" to eat eggs, I loved a scrambled egg wich with mayo on white....lurved them. No where near the same with egg beaters. i miss my mom when it rains.....

  13. Ron - Luckily, Buddy is not picky. Jeans and a t-shirt or polo and he's fine. :-)

    Shiny Rod - Glad you got the wake up call! LOL.

    Jen - No sunscreen (I'm bad) and I was at the pool for a few hours yesterday, so yeah, they got some color! Also, Buddy went to private Catholic school for elementary and they do wear uniforms. The public schools don't.

    SoLow - He is very appreciative!

    Al - You all would get bored if it was an everyday activity! :-)

    Karen - I do wear a sundress into and out of the pool, but don't cover up otherwise. I wear a modest tankini, so I guess I don't feel a need to use the towel wrap.

    BB - I don't like shirts with logos, etc. for ME, but Buddy has plenty. As long as it's not rude or lewd, I can let him pick his own things. :-)

    Chandra - Thanks - you too!

    Jay - I just hope he didn't pee on me as I held him! I figure the chlorine is there for a reason. You're very funny!

    CuteElla - Thanks. I'll have to check out the site.

    rosemary - I feel bad you can't have eggs anymore! Boo!

  14. Aw, cute little frog!
    That was nice of you to rescue him from chlorinated death : )

    I'm with Buzzard Billy on the whole cover-up thing. Why bother?

    Have fun school shopping !

  15. Living in FLorida we have a family of frogs that come out every night to jump on the glass of my front door and torture the dogs. TOTALLY freaked the other night when SCM came in with one on his back. YIKES! Brings to mind Exodus 8:2, "If you refuse to let them go, I will plague your whole country with frogs"

  16. I love frogs and he is a cute little guy!

    And, as always, the girls look gorgeous! Have fun school shopping for Buddy!

  17. Love the freckles---and the sheer acreage involved--with the girls. Those scrambled egg sandwiches sound great but they are better on white bread.

  18. Cute froggie! We find them at the pool a lot too.

    Ahh yes, school shopping. We don't do it until October, when it gets cooler. Until then Lady H can wear her summer stuff. She got plenty of new clothes for her bday and during vacation anyways.

  19. Powdergirl - I've never done it and don't remember my mom doing it. Like I said, I wear a modest suit, so I don't feel self conscious walking around w/o a towel.

    Christine - We used to live in a more rural area and would have frogs hanging out on our front steps. I would actually catch moths to feed them! LOL.

    The Dish - He was so sweet to hold too. I just loved him.

    Dave - Can you tell I'm not a big fan of sunscreen?

    Vinomom - I would wait, but Kohl's is having a big sale and I got a 30% off coupon on top of the sale. :-)

  20. Wow! Them's some knockers - go girrrl!

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the idiot comes back to the pool and we will get a photo collection of her and spawn.

    Love the sandwich idea - Sounds YUM!

  21. I suppose we'll need to go shopping this weekend too. Gee whiz I hate the thought of grubbing through every last thing in the pile of clothes at the Goodwill. Wait, that's where I get work clothes. We may upgrade to Wal Mart for kids' clothes! Egads, I hate the thought of going there too!

    Anyhow, about the pics...froggy was super cute. There must not be too much chlorine in the pool though if he survived...and the other pic...I think it's your best work yet!

  22. Dear Heavens, if we could combine your T and my A, we'd rule the world.

  23. I have been as random as you lately. Nice boobage shot :) It has been perfect weather to hang by the pool. We have been there a lot as well!!

  24. I so like it when your randomness includes cleavage!

    Middle school ... I'm not sure you'll ever know what to expect, but I do know your anxiety!

  25. Oh, the picture did come out! He was soooo cute! See ya tomorrow!

  26. I LOVE that you and Inanna are becoming such good friends (and your boys) and it makes me proud to know that I brought you together!!

    Thanks for the mention - your frog is really cute. I'm glad you rescued him.

  27. And here I was expecting the bikini pic at the end! ;)

    Nice shot!

  28. It is great to see the girls (almost) coming out to play! lol I noticed your tat, are you going to show it off some time? What is it? Maybe you did already and I missed it. :-(

  29. I'm so glad you continued to post "the girls" on your blog. I know after the whole Citizen X thing, you were considering not doing it.
    I'm glad you stayed true to yourself and are blogging what you want.
    I've thought about doing HNT but decided against it. I think it's ok with her that YOU do it, but I'm pretty sure I'd be crucified...LOL
    (besides yours are too nice to hide..heh)

    And you get a great tan by the way. It looks good on you...