Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Wanted to Know. Don't Blame Me.

OK - on to the A part of the Q and A. Some of these questions will be answered with explanations, others will be answered with a simple yes or no. But, ALL will be answered honestly.

GiGi asked: "Where in the world would you most like to travel?"

Well, I'm a homebody and not big on travel in general, but I really would like to visit Spain and experience the customs, culture and just overall vibe. I've been to Mexico, Taxco and Acapulco, but to me, Spain would be a new adventure. I'd love to try the regional food.

Shiny Rod asked: "What is your favorite sex position?"

I haven't met one I didn't like, except me on top. But, I'd have to stick with the boring missionary as my #1 fave.

Warren asked: "What is your favorite thing to do (or what would you most like to do)?" (assuming that money, time, etc. were no object.

I'm a simple person. I've done just about everything I ever wanted to experience. I like to read. Mostly, I just like to drink wine.

Ron asked: "Have you ever been in a threesome, foursome or elevensome?"

Yes, yes, and no.

"Have you ever used the restroom in public?"

Do you mean, have I used a public facility or have I peed in front of others? I think it's safe to say I have used public restrooms (with doors) to do my business, as necessary and a few people have seen me pee (on the toilet, not actually squirting out the pee before their eyes). Being a girl, I don't poo, but if I did, I've never had anyone in the bathroom at that time.

And: "Have you ever left fake shopping list with extremely embarrassing items on it in the store for strangers to find?"

YES! Several times! I remember on one list, the Evil Twin wrote, "A douche for my smelly twat" and a few other crazy things and we left the list in the shopping cart! Oh! I hope someone read it!

(K)arla totally made me lose it with her comment, but also had a few questions of her own: "Have you ever flicked a booger on the floor, wiped it on your shoe or the side of a car seat?"

Yes to the floor, I don't recall any shoe incidences and actually UNDER the car seat (not on the side) and that's been several vehicles ago. Enjoy your boogery ride, whoever bought my Chevy Nova! :-)

The Girl wanted to know "How much money would it take to get you on a stripper pole?"

No money - just give me enough hooch to get a buzz and I'd be up there. I'm actually very limber. ;-)

Gingermagnolia asked: "Is there a figurine/action figure/whatever macho thing he calls them in the ET's collection that you don't like? Maybe one that creeps you out or that you just hate for no good reason?"

I wouldn't say "hate", but he has this one ape head/bust figure. He calls it "Mojo" and puts silly hats on its' head. I just think it's a waste of space.

At least he keeps it in the "man cave" downstairs.

Ever curious, Ron had another question: "How much money would it take to get you off the stripper pole ;-)"

After a few drinks, I wouldn't be able to stand, much less maneuver the stripper pole, so I'd say about 5 drinks.

Tiff asked: "You have the chance to get plastic surgery for free. Would you, and if so, what?"

Yes I would. Does dental work count? I'd like to have veneers on all my teeth and have them straightened again after I didn't wear my retainer after 3 years of braces and other expensive dental work my parents provided for me. If dental work doesn't count, then an eye lift.

Tamis had to come up with the hardest question yet: "What is your favorite Fiesta color?"

I'm going to have to go with Chartreuse, but the new Lemongrass is just a shade or two off of that, so it could be a tie. (Not really: Chartreuse rocks it!).

Jay had a couple of questions. First he asked: "If you could be any character in any film, which would it be and why?"

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett from "Gone With The Wind". Mainly because I identify with that strong Southern wherewithal and I know that getting knocked down a peg or two really isn't that important. It's how you live the life that was dealt to you that matters the most.

"Also, where is the craziest place you've ever had sex? ;-)"

In the butt? Ahahahaha!(I totally stole that from "The Newlywed Game") Okay, really: on the concrete steps going down to the major river in this town. Ya wanna bitch about rug burn? How bout concrete burn to the mid spine area?

Lola asked: "Who is your fantasy man and/or woman?"

I tend to be attracted to people who aren't Hollywood perfect, so man would be Gary Oldman and female would be Patricia Arquette.

The Dish wanted to know: "Would you let Sissy get her belly button pierced as a teen? Or Buddy his tongue?"

I would try to talk them out of it, only because I know how difficult those two piercings are to heal. But, if they wanted to do it, I'd let them. I have seen great examples of both piercings, but the majority of them don't take so well.

JFab, along the same lines, asked, "Would you get your hoo-ha pierced?"

No, and for the same reasons stated above. Those piercings just don't heal well. I'm not afraid of the pain, but more afraid of the body trying to reject piercings. I might consider an outer labia piercing.


  1. It never occured to me to leave a fake embarrassing shopping list lying around. Hmm...

  2. Do you like to read books about wine?

    Meh, I don't really care actually...

    I don't understand tongue piercings at all, but I have seen some very hot belly button and hoo-ha piercings (but don't tell my mom)...

    Oh yeah, I am getting braces tomorrow so I think dental work counts...it freakin' costs enough!

  3. HAHA! Great answers! I especially liked the part about the boogery ride...that will keep me laughing all day!

  4. Great answers to great questions! :-) Thanks for your advice on my post. I am soliciting opinions from anyone that has one. This is a toughy.

  5. Your husband has a great gift and I know he knows it. I have lead such a regimen life for so long, I am trying to break out of that shell and open myself up to more possibilities. You have been a great source of inspiration to me. Thank you ETW! Luv ya darlin...

  6. I wouldn't count dental work as plastic surgery, as generlaly there's no cutting involved.

    The eye lift, yes.

    Excellent answers!

  7. Great answers! I really can't believe you haven't had an elevensome yet, shocking :)

  8. I wouldn't count veneers as plastic surgery either. According to the niece, it doesn't even hurt to get them. How's that for nice?

    I'm LMAO at the gorilla head. Feel good that it's in the man cave. I have a poorly painted, roughly framed oil painting of one of Curmy's Mom's old champion English Bulldogs right on the living room wall. It confuses people, especially those with any decorating sense. As much as my niece is here, even she has to ask again from time to time: Why do you have that gawdawful thing on your wall?

  9. I'm seriously considering coming over with a bottle of tequila and a video recorder and setting up a stripper pole for ya. ;-)

  10. That was on my favorite ETW posts ever ! I loved your answers. I hope the concrete burn was gotten at night!

    So I don't know if you knew that I am a HUGE gone with the wind fan? You totally stole what would have been my answer!

    I have never thought of leaving a fake shopping list around but that is too funny. I bet The Boyfriend would love to make a list like that!

  11. HA, you pulled that off well. I am slightly embarrassed that mine was one of maybe 3 tame questions? Where do you find these people? :) Nevermind, I like nut jobs-the more the merrier!

    Chartreuse is my favorite too! I have a millennium chartreuse pitcher and glasses that I am scared to use cuz' I know someone will break it. So it sits lonely in my cupboard all the time....

  12. I found that note!

    I was APPALLED! LOL.

    Hey, I've had that concrete, mid-spine rash. laundromats need more lino.

    hah, this was all really funny, from the original post to this post to the comments : D

  13. Loved your answers....Spain is on my list, too!

  14. Oh... if dental work counts as plastic surgery sign me up!

  15. Love the Q & A! I'm nosy like that... ;)

  16. I love how open you are, and LMFAO @ "yes, yes, and no." Dude, that ape thing is we-ird, not sure I'd like it, either, but the fact that he wears silly hats is whimsical.

  17. Dnag, I LOVE that! Thanks ETW for opening up so much - you are so cool!

  18. Wow - and so very honest. Kudos to you.

  19. Ron, you forgot to ask if the threesome was with two girls and a guy.

  20. I LOVE the shopping list idea!

    I'd be tempted to leave one at the store here, but everyone would know it was written by the ^%$# Yankee.

    Excellent answers!

  21. So - on the steps down to the river. Was it on the levee or up by the Capitol?

  22. LOVE your answers .... !!!!!!

  23. Totally making out my fake shopping list now...

    (and p.s....the concrete steps leading down to the river? Hehe...been there, done that ;)

  24. All great answers!

    And, concrete steps? OUCH!

    Hugs - Tiff

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