Friday, August 21, 2009


I really don't have anything for today.

Nothing interesting anyway. I DO have things on my mind, but they're the run of the mill niggly little "to do" type things.

It seems like Blogger is acting up this morning and telling me I don't "follow" any blogs, so I can't even catch up on my reading.


Our little dwarf frogs are doing good. They're super cute. Like I said before, I'll upload the video I have of them this weekend. We have two little frogs and a snail who keeps their little habitat clean. The frogs are Hopper and Bopper. The snail's name is Gary. (Can you tell we watch too much Spongebob here?)

I'm so tired. Sissy woke up around 2 am this morning and got in bed with us. That's something she never does.

But, she wasn't able to settle down - she kept fidgeting, so I finally took her back to her room and got in bed with her so we could all get some sleep. Still, it took me a while to get back into snooze mode and I was in an unfamiliar (but quite comfy) bed, so I didn't get the best night's rest.

Add to that, it's rainy and overcast here and my motivation factor is about zero.

Random thought of the day: Did you know there are only so many fart videos you can watch on YouTube before you get burned out on them?


  1. Happy Friday! Hope that you have a restful,lazy day - sounds like perfect weather for that!

  2. My little guy woke up at 2:30 on the nose as well, which he hasn't done in forever and wouldnt you know was the one night that I was actually getting some sleep ::sigh::

    You must be getting the clouds and rain that has been pounding us for the last week. We are now enjoying unseasonably cool weather (it's only supose to be 77 for the high!!) so I'm afraid I'm here to rub it in on you. LOL.

    Enjoy your weekend, or at least try to :)

  3. I'm trying to get motivated for my beach trip. Hopefully things will spring back into action by lunch. I never hit that deep sleep I need, I guess it will come on once I get to the condo. I usually take a nap after the road trip to wind downd before I start planning my activities. Have fun this weekend dear.

  4. Wha!?! Burned out on fart videos?? Say it isn't so!!! Hopefully you still enjoy puss and snot!

  5. I am with Ron...I can't imagine losing a taste for fart videos...ewww...tasting farts...bad news....

  6. Farting is always right; farting is never wrong.

  7. I didnt get to sleep till THREE AM last night/this morning ....


  8. But just how many fart videos is one too many?

    Hope you get some sleep!

  9. A slow day is just as well. I still haven't recovered from yesterday's provocative picture. Be still my heart!

  10. It has always amazed me how my 60 lb, daughter can climb into my bed in the middle of the night, take over the entire thing and leave me with a six inch spot to sleep.

  11. TGG - It has been a lovely, laid back day!

    Chandra - I'm just hoping she's ready for bed tonight and gets a GOOD night's sleep!

    Shiny Rod - Hope you enjoy your weekend as well! Get some rest!

    Ron - I think I'll watch a few more fart vids this evening. YouTube is a treasure trove of nastiness.

    Warren - I know! But, sometimes, my brain just says, "That's enough!" like some pushy school marm. She's such a prude!

    BB - You know I am far too immature to ever give up on the thought that farts are funny!

    Mandy - Was it a full moon last night or something?

    CuteElla - I think I reached my breaking point at around 5ish. But, I did save one to my faves, so it can be revisited over and over!

    Dave - I've got to spice it up somehow to keep y'all coming back for the boring! :-)

    Christine - Between my 35 lb daughter and 240 lb Evil Twin, I was literally teetering on the edge! (on a queen size bed).

  12. Why is it our kids beds are always more comfy than our own? My blogger is wrecked, destroyed, ruined. Oh the agony.

  13. Thing Two was in bed with me last night because he is sick, and I almost fell out twice. Thing One is sick tonight but she prefers hogging her own bed, thank goodness.

  14. Hope you are enjoying your friday! I went horseback riding im the rain and it was excellent!

  15. I got tired of watching zit popping videos, so I totally understand where you're coming from.

    We had a snail named Gary, too, cuz Spongebob rocks! Have a great weekend.

  16. thanks for that random thought. you saved me a LOT of research. :-)

  17. I sent the Aggie booger-picker-eater YouTube to our daughter who lives in Amarillo. They're Red Raider fans.

  18. How is Sissy with those frogs? I want to consider getting some, but I fear they may be let out, and then procreate, leaving my house full of little frogs!!

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