Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing Slacker

That's me!

I didn't have an entry for Wednesday because the Evil Twin and I watched "The Bucket List". It had it's moments, but it was still a bit depressing - although I enjoyed the premise.

After the movie, I was just too drunk tired to come up with anything worthwhile.

I enjoyed doing the Q&A post, and actually had two email questions, which I'm still kind of waiting to see if they would like to have their question(s) answered on the blog or privately by email. If I hear that they don't mind if I share their question(s) completely anonymously, I will update on that on Friday. Otherwise, I will just answer them privately.

I have some pics of the 11 tomatoes that I've gotten from my plants and I have some video of some dwarf frogs that a co-worker of the Evil Twin gave us. Those frogs are freaking CUTE. But, I'm far too lazy to upload pics/vids at this time, so that might be a neat weekend project.

I need something to take my mind off middle school! EEEEK! It starts on Wednesday, August 26!



  1. It's not Thursday yet, but your blog posted anyway!

    Those don't look like tomatoes to me, they look like apples.

  2. Apples go hand and hand with back to school.

    Very hot.

  3. Now you got me thinking about apple pie. Where's the whipped creme?

  4. Karla stole my comment! And I think it's Thursday in Korea - that counts - right?

  5. yep.. them there are apples.. I know an orchard when I see one! That tattoo is one dead give away, how do you keep your legs so thin???

    You my dear ETW, are way to funny :)

  6. oh deary me....

    did you get so caught up worrying about your son's school that you forgot to do laundry and now have to walk around in your underwear?

    i get like that sometimes...


  7. I seem to have stumbled upon some sort of naughty school teacher porn.

    Cute panties!

  8. Hey, I have those same shorts...

  9. Hey, new to your site but thanks for mixing up the HNT for this week...

  10. I like the way HNT is escalating. The way I see it it's only a matter of months before you have streaming video feeds ;-) Oh yeah!

  11. ~ dreamin of warm apple pie ~

  12. (K)arla - I tried to fix it, but Blogger must have been on the fritz or something!

    Robyn - I didn't even make the apple/school connection myself! LOL

    Shiny Rod - Hmmmmm....

    Dana - Yep!

    Jan - :-) At 5 foot 9, I weigh 121 lbs, so...I'm on the thin side.

    fattie20xl - Very funny!

    Ginger - Thanks! They're new! :-)

    Dave - And, I'm sure you look extra hot in them!

    Bones - Welcome! I hope you come back often!

    Ron - One never knows around here! LOL.

    Scott - :-)

  13. You sexy momma you. Loved the Bucket List....and being lazy - we are all entitled to it :)

  14. I have got to get some cute little undies like that... since I have taken to walking around in my underwear at home so I can see my tattoo. Love the apples!

  15. This reminds me of a Joe Nichols song (country, of course), "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off". But in you case it must be the wine.

    Finally get to see the tattoo...nice. Nice variety for HNT!

    Keep it up.

  16. Loved the Bucket List...was not expecting it to be,um,sad! :( Anyhoo...enjoy your day! ;)

  17. I have some new underwear too! Mine has bananas on it...weird...

  18. Drawf frogs rock! I used to have a pair in my big tank in Florida. Watch out, though. I put a lily pad in the drawf frog tank in the store because I thought it would be cool for them to have some out of the water time if they wanted. Lost a whole dang tank in one night due to them using the lilypad to springboard to freedom, which was dry and unfriendly to frogs that needed to stay wet. I was cleaning flattened dry frogs from all over that store.

    Nice bloomers. :)

  19. Sexy Momma! I have a pair identical to those, only they have cherries.

  20. Wow. What a photo! Thank goodness I am out of work right now. LOL

  21. Didn't see the Bucket List yet.... nice undies!

  22. You say tomato's I say apples tomatos, apples...either way it's a FINE picture!

  23. I could TOTALLY dig in to some apple pie right now... ;)

  24. Dear god above, I love Thursdays on your blog!!

  25. The Girl - Thanks!

    NCP - I got these (cotton string bikinis) at Kmart. Hanes also has nice ones. :-)

    Al - I posted about the tats:

    TGG - It was a kind of a cute movie, huh?

    Warren - Bananas, huh? ;-)

    BB - Thanks! We are all loving our little dwarf frogs already! They are so cute. I'll post on them next.

    The Dish - I bought this pack (variety) and don't really care for any of them, but was in desperate need of undies. LOL.

    Karen - It's not TOO much, really...I've seen skimpier at the pool! LOL.

    JFab - TMI - this was the exact type I wore the entire time I was pregnant with Sissy. I was sick of those maternity granny panties after Buddy!

    Chandra - Thanks, sweetie!

    SoLow - Glad you approve!

    Dave - Some Thursdays are kinda lame, though. :-)

  26. SCRUMPTIOUS! what do your panties say? joe...?

  27. I want to be ETW when I grow up!

  28. Well now - that was a surprise! Very nice segway (sp?)

    Love the panties! Hope your tomatoes are looking just as good!

  29. caught never cease to amaze me or make me laugh...

  30. It occurs to me that maybe I shouldn't have shorts with's a table of contents...not a "wanted" ad

    (not that there's anything wrong with that)

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