Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tidy Bowl?

Okay, we have two brand new toilets in this house (well, new since Summer time) and I'm an avid bowl cleaner. I even bought those Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wands and brushes for all three bathrooms. All bowls get a regular swabbing.

Then, why is it the toilets collect black-ish looking junk under the rim that never wants to budge? Is this a matter of just needing to slather it in bleach, let it sit, then scrub with sandpaper (or something equally abrasive)?

I'm just really annoyed by having 2 new toilets and they aren't as sparkly as when they were first brought home.

I can't even guesstimate how much money I've spent over the years trying to find the perfect bowl cleaner. I've used the drop ins, I've used Kaboom, I've scrubbed with a hard bristle brush (really hard) and still.... there's a yucky bit of "junk" under that rim!

I'm desperate friends. If you have any tried and true, guaranteed formula for the toilet problem that has me flummoxed, I'd appreciate it. It's been shameful to stand before you and admit my toilet defeat, so please no LOLs.


  1. As a single male I feel that I have no advice I can give on cleaning products. I live in anarchy and am quite content. Sorry.

  2. Having well water brings lots of problems beyond the usual aim and dribble ones....sorry men. We had a softener put in and while that did help a bit we need a filter system too. I am really stuck on CLR. It removes a variety of stains from red to yellow to those icky black ones that are usually mold of some sort....try leaving the top lid up if you can. That helps here. Good luck.....

  3. As Rosemary said...CLR is's a pretty wicked cleaner though...I think you can dissolve rocks with that stuff. Did I say wicked?

  4. I'm positive CLR must be better than making a paste of Borax and lemon juice to rub around the ring, leave sit for two hours, the scrub off. Really, having the black ring is better than that waiting two hours to scrub, scrub, scrub dealio.

    Your post did remind to peek at The Toilet Museum to see what's new on their site. I cannot believe people actually send pictures of themselves on the toilet into there. It's a PG site, so it's also safe for work. :)

  5. I was going to suggest CLR, but others have done so already.

    Good Luck.

  6. Thanks. I know I've tried that in the past, but perhaps not for toilet duty (hee hee, I said "duty", get it? like doody?)
    CLR will be on my next shopping list.

  7. If you want to try a safer route, use baking soda and vinegar first.

    It's cheap, non toxic, and the 'volcano' will clean the black stuff out from under the rim.

    Alka Seltzer also works.

  8. Um.... maybe fewer meals topped with Sharpie-flavored sauce?

    Sorry, no, I'm of no use here. The flushable toilet wand thingies seem to do the trick for us, but we have very soft water, which is helpful, too.

  9. You're supposed to clean your toilet!!??!!

    LOL...just kidding...

    I don't know what to tell you. I use good old fashioned comet or ajax. It seems to work the best on all of my old bathroom fixtures. Don't know how it would work on new ones.

  10. Really cleaning toilets is a tedious task. I suggest you try Kaboom Never Scrub which is easy to install and is very effective.