Thursday, November 15, 2007

Missed Out

Last night, there was a PTO meeting at Buddy's school. It wasn't on any of my plethora of calendars, datebooks, schedules or PDA, so when the little note came home "reminding" parents of the meeting, I was a little confused.

Yesterday was an overcast and depressing day in general and I was in no mood to leave the house after dinner and be at the school by 7 pm. Plus, you never know how long those things will last and I had promised my biological mom I would call her after 8 pm.

I really kind of hated missing out, though. They're typically comedy gold, but I was tired and just not in the mood for the upcoming angst and hilarity. I just didn't think my psyche was up to it last night, so I blew it off. This made Buddy all kinds of unhappy, since they have childcare available for the school kids and all the boys' bring their Nintendo DSs (that's a handheld game device for those not in the know) and they hook them up or play wirelessly and do whatever you can do on those things. So, he was extremely mad at me for being too freaking tired to sit and listen to a bunch of grown people piss and moan over fundraisers or whatnot.

I have added a few cool new bloggers to my blog roll over there on the right. A Sour Apple Tree , Buzzardbilly and The Film Geek are all local (WV bloggers). I've also added The Warped Mind of Ron , No Celery Please , One More Thing and Cynical? Who, me?. I know that's a bunch, but it's such a good bunch - please try to check them out, but only if you want to be entertained. You're welcome, by the way. I love you, too.

Ok, ok... really. I do all this research so I can bring you the brightest - and it's all good, baby.

Now, it's off to give my full attention to Survivor: The Country of the Season.

Ta ta.


  1. I used to watch Survivor - but I discovered that Ugly Betty is so much better!

    I'll check out your new people soon.

  2. hehehe....I have a DS lite...I play Brain Age and Tetrus.

  3. Just found your blog. Welcome to the blogiverse.

  4. I hate when time warps. That may be what happened then...

    And, thanks for the link!