Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy, Busy

Sorry I didn't get back to this last night. I know I usually babble on in the early evening. The Evil Twin and I had "Apocalypto" to watch - and seeing how it is just over 2 hours long, we decided to get started watching it right about 8 pm. I didn't know much about the movie, really, other than what I had seen on the trailers and knew that Mel Gibson directed it.

Knowing that he's a talented director, I figured it would be worth a couple of hours of my time. Wow - it was worth 2 hours and more! I'll just leave it at: if you haven't seen this one yet, put it on your Netflix queue.

I woke up in a good mood this morning and thought about getting out with Sissy to run around a bit, but it's so overcast and gloomy, I can't get myself worked up to do anything. It's not cold out, just rather depressing, I guess you could say. I hope tomorrow is nicer and then, perhaps we can get out and have some fun together.

We need to go to WalMart tomorrow no matter what, cause I have a prescription to pick up.

Sory, I had to stop there for a bit and read a book to Sissy. She's learning new words every day. I love this age (well, all of them have their pros and cons), but it's fun to be a part of them learning things! Things we take for granted.

I hope your days are brighter, in all ways, than mine.


  1. I loved that age with my niece. I would read her a page and then she would grab the bood and point at the picture, showing anyone within the vicinity, and yelling "see!! see!! see!!". I thought it was very sweet that she wanted to make sure everyone was following the books progress. Ahhh.. good memories.

  2. Sorry meant "Book" not "Bood", what is a Bood anyway?

  3. The weather is very teh blah today. (Sorry, I do love me some l33t speak.) I'm trying to force myself to go to Kroger's and it's just not happening.

  4. I planned an outing today too, but decided to go tomorrow. Besides, tomorrow morning is hair wash day so it won't be bedhead like today ;)

    Your daughter is at a very enchanting age!

  5. It was 16 at 7am, 26 at 2pm and it is 30 now...I'm not going anywhere. I'm with Sissy....I need someone to read to me.

  6. Have you been feeling any better?
    I know you wrote about feeling kind of down in an earlier blog.
    Did you get your meds checked or have your health checked?
    I know the weather doesn't help but if you're still feeling a little blue, it could be health related.

    I worry about you...