Friday, November 23, 2007

8 Things

Buzzardbilly over at Buzzardbilly tagged me for the 8 Things meme, an instant meme where I tell eight random or interesting (or both) things about me, then I tag 8 more bloggers. (I totally ripped that last part off from her - hee hee.).

1. I have three tattoos and would love to have one more. I'm waiting on the Evil Twin to design it for me.

2. I'm not much of a meat eater and I don't eat anything with a bone. I've never had a buffalo wing.

3. When I was 20, I got my hair done in a mohawk (yes, shaved completely to the scalp on both sides). My hair grows very fast, so within three weeks, I had a crew cut.

4. I was adopted at 2 months old, but this past summer found my biological mother and sister. That's a whole 'nother blog.

5. If I find a pubic hair anywhere in my house, I know it's not mine. I've shaved "down there" for 20 years.

6. I am bi and a half lingual (bet you thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you?). I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of French.

7. I was raised Baptist, was agnostic for many years and converted to Catholocism about 4 years ago.

8. My mom sent me to Charm School in Georgia, run by the Miss Georgia 1977 or 78. We walked with books on our heads and that sort of thing. FWIW, I'm the crudest person I know. LOL.

Oh, I'm not going to tag anyone. I think everyone's been hit, but if you haven't and if you want to do the 8 Things, help yourself - and let me know you did so I can read your lists. I'd be interested in everyone's answers!


  1. Interesting list. A mohawk? By any chance was it blue? :P

    I think I'm posting one tomorrow.


  2. I'm with you on #s 2,3 and 6.

    If I was single, I'd just be a vegetarian.

    I never had a mohawk, but I shaved my head (to a buzz cut) when I was 18.

    I speak Spanish, with smidgens of French, German and Yiddish thrown into the mix.

    Have you ever 'showcased' your tats for the blog? Just curious.

    My 7 year old LOVES tattoos, and is a rabid fan of LA Ink. (Yes, I let her watch it with me...)

  3. Those are some interesting bits of info.

    I'm a vegetarian and also know if a pube is found in the isn't mine either

  4. Wait a second ... with that huge blogroll you're not going to tag anyone. Sacre bleu!

    Nice list though ... ;-)

  5. If you tag anyone link them into your post so we can all follow along. :-)

  6. Theres an awful lot of talk about pube's and it leaves me totally distracted people.

  7. Is this where the formerly shaven-headed women meet? I, too, shaved my head when I was 18. Well, it was more like 1/4-inch stubs all around, some bangs, and two tendrils meant to look somewhat like sideburns. I loved it. (And just for Ron, I will divulge that I dyed half of it and my long lux 70's-bush-styled pubes purple.) All because I was pissed at my bf.

    Curmy's got a great tattoo artist in Cross Lanes who is also an RN that he uses. Cleanest shop Curmy's ever seen. Great work too.

  8. From time o time I still toy with the idea of just shaving it all off...

    of my head.

    Perimenopause (that beeyotch) kinda takes care of the other bits all by itself. Woohoo!

    I have two tats, and want more, There's at LEAST one more in my suture, but it needs to be specially designed, which means I have to find an artist I like and trust. It's on my list for '08.

  9. LOL @ #5 (ditto here)

    I'm learning French and will be blogging about it like my investment post you commented on.

    Georgia has a charm school? I really need to attend one. I'm sick of being called anti-social, when I love people. I just don't know how to act with charm. I do walk with a book on my head, but it's so I can learn grace for dancing. Can charm be learned?