Friday, November 23, 2007

A Holiday Update from Casa Evil Twin

We had a really nice day - laid back. We had all gotten up fairly early because Sissy makes that happen. I started on my pound cake and boiling the potatoes for mashing. I wanted to really boil the hell out of them, because the Evil Twin doesn't want any lumps in his AT ALL. So I wanted those suckers to be reaaaallly soft!

They were a tiny bit lumpy, but at least they were soft lumps. The pound cake turned out great. I had asked the Evil Twin if he wanted me to do a turkey breast or pick up stuff from Heavenly Ham and he voted on Heavenly Ham, so I was totally off the hook for bird duty. Although we did joke with Buddy that we were going to put Apple (our budgie) on a stick and cook him for a meal. [True tidbit: Budgie is short for Budgerigar, which means "Good to Eat" in the aboriginal language - they probably taste like chicken!]

Apple was in no danger. He's too cute and entertaining to get the "fried bird on a stick" treatment. I have raised this wild bird myself and trained him to be a real family pet. He still gets nippy from time to time, but he knows if he acts ugly, he gets put back into his beloved cage - and really, he does love it. It's BIG, like a McMansion for such a tiny bird.

My brother and his wife and their two children stopped by later in the evening yesterday and that was actually nice. My brother and I don't have the best relationship and his wife and I have an even worse relationship. There has been a lot of bad blood between us, especially since my brother and my parents' died. I got no help from him on anything and handled the entire estate by myself (paperwork, selling of contents, shoring up the house with updates and putting it on the market, etc.), so that's been a point of contention.

Our niece and nephew are as cute as can be and both friendly, outgoing kids. I just loved seeing them again (as you can tell, another point of contention, we don't get to see them often!)

I hope you all had lovely days with your families or friends and watched some ball.

And, a special gift for Renn: My Tats:


  1. Woo Hoo Tats and bare flesh! It's like christmas over here. Glad to hear the holidays went well.

  2. Glad that you had a nice holiday.

    Nice tat

  3. Don't you have a lovely and exciting Kitchenaid mixer? Introduce the mixer to the potatoes, and you will be lumpless all around. I promise.

    One of my tattoos is a lizard, too.