Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is There An FAQ?

Is there an FAQ for the etiquette of blog-land? Have you ever read a really great post, and thought, "Self, you have some pretty funny stories or anecdotes along that same line, wouldn't it make a great blog?" Cause after all, you don't want to hijack their blog in the comments, now do you?

Of course not. But, if you post a blog later on concerning the same/similar subject matter, only your take on it, doesn't that seem like blog poaching?

I would probably get a complex if someone posted almost the same exact subject as me on the same day or even a day or two later.

So where is the Miss Manners for Bloggers? Or the Blogger for Dummies book? Maybe I should start my own advice column. You know, "Ask The Evil Twin's Wife" or something like that. Lord knows I love to give my opinions on things, so I'd be good at that. And y'all, there are lots of folks out there who could use my services!

Okay, if you're in a quandry or need advice of any kind, feel free to email me. I'll keep your name private, if you wish and then come up with a decent answer. You can get my email off my "About me" page. Hell, most of you have it in your address books already LOL.

And my question to you, dear readers, is what do you think of blog poaching/hi-jacking? I'll update later with my own 2 cents.

UPDATE: My 2 cents: I guess the consensus is that lifting is OK, as long as credit/link is given. I can agree with that.

Buzzardbilly - probably time for a new stove... :-)

Rosemary - once you are 59 or older, you may feel free to make out where ever you'd like. You've earned it by that age, I would say!


  1. I cannot believe that I, the newest n00b of newbdom, am going to offer an answer to this.

    A similar thing happens on bulletin boards. It's only natural to be reminded of things in your life from reading things from other people's extend the conversation without hijacking their post. On bulletin boards, you link to the post you're talking about and everyone will be on the same page. Since you don't know if they will see the link, I guess you'd leave them a comment with a link to yours as well.

    But, I really don't know. Qween Newb signing off.

  2. Oh, and LMAO at "Ask Evil Twin's Wife" because I thought of that just this very evening too. My stove was making a funny noise. Sounded kind of like a fuse somewhere going fritzy. I wondered who a person would call to get that checked out and I thought I'd bet you did...too bad you didn't have a Dear ETW section.

  3. It would depend on who 'copied' me.

    I would flit between 'don't care' and 'thrilled'.

  4. Nah, blogs are too journalish in nature - not planned out like a magazine or other publication. We read something that someone else posts, and if nothing postworthy has happened in our own lives, we go with what's on our minds, wherever it comes from.

    If it's screamingly obvious or startlingly similar, I'll drop a note/comment to let the "original" blogger know that their story reminded me of one of my own, but if it's a step or two removed I'll just go with it. Half the time, I can't quite remember what made me think of something, and it's a day later before the post forms in my head.

    I totally agree that there is blog etiquette, I'm just less hampered by concern about ownership over subject matter.


  5. If someone gets an idea from a post of mine, I don't mind if they post on the same thing - but it is nice to have a link and a mention of where the idea came from.

  6. I poached an idea from MOM...but I said so in my post and linked her....I'd bet most people think it is OK. I have a it ok to make out in a car if you are over let's say 59?

  7. Interesting, I'll have to write about this in my blog....Oh, wait. No really, probably a link or reference to the original post is all thats needed before moving off to your own story. After all someone's blog could spark inspiration to go a new direction or just be something you need to talk about yourself.

    It's all good.

  8. I just say "I stole this idea from xx" at the beginning, then blog my little blog out.

  9. I'm with Ron and NCP and them guyz - poach away! It's like a conversation - ou have your triggers, I have mine, and we can swap stories 'til the cows come home.

  10. I don't think there is such a thing as blog poaching.
    Personally, I write about what I'm thinking and I don't check out my friend's blogs first before I write it.
    I write what I'm thinking or feeling.

    I think that consideration would be the proper blog etiquette but that's it. To censor what you want to say or comment because of what other's have written would defeat the entire purpose of having a blog.