Thursday, November 8, 2007

Did Someone Say Glamorous?

In my effort to truly be the glamorous hausfrau, I now have my wonderful KitchenAid Stand Mixer. But, it needed something...Something I couldn't put my finger on.... But, it's so fabulous all by itself. What could make it even more wonderful?

How great is that??? I can even cook while naked (if I want to) and still protect all my goodie bits. Go ahead, and imagine me in my birthday suit with that on with a duster in my right hand. Okay, maybe not if you've just eaten or don't want to think about someone with boobs around their belly button, then fine. You're free to think about Barbie wearing it.

But, Barbie doesn't have really cool black hair, tattoos and 12 earrings either. It's your pick. Like I said, I wouldn't want to influence your imaginations in any way...

Eat your heart out, Donna Reed.


  1. Terrific posts. I've really been enjoying reading the blog.

  2. Twelve earrings??? Do you have really big ears? LOL

  3. I'm still at 5 earrings and 2 tattoos. I'm thinking one more tattoo eventually, and a return to a pierced navel if I can get to my goal weight long enough before we plan on getting pregnant again.

    And yet, the only apron I own belonged to my great-grandmother, and hangs in the corner of the kitchen as a memento of her, to sort of usher in some of her cooking mojo. Cooking naked in that would just be wrong.

  4. LMAO.....had i kept all of my ear piercings I would have had 12 too....but I could never get 5 of them to heal and they I just let them close tats but then you are a risk taker....even naked and with the apron on everyone could still see two of my private bits.

  5. All of my bits are private.

    Mom has a batty old friend who's forever complaining about burning her titties (her word of choice) while she's cooking. I'm beginning to wonder whether that is a problem or a bonus for her.

    Lovely apron. Too lovely for sauces or splattering grease. Perhaps you can put it on, then when it comes to any splattery parts have ET deal with them. LOL If that works, I'll be wanting one of those aprons ;)

  6. I'm just too distracted by the wearing it naked part to come up with any good comments.

  7. Don't forget the CFMN shoes.

    And pearls!

  8. Just remember: don't cook bacon while necked.