Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Sunday By Any Other Name...

Is still a Sunday. My Sundays don't vary much. Maybe the time I get my shower is a little different each week, but that's about it. The dag-gone crossword puzzle was out to get me today, I think. It was harder than usual, but I did finish it and I didn't even have to resort to "Google Cheating".

This whole weekend has been pretty ho-hum, actually. I knew we didn't want to deal with the crowds, so shopping was out and we had plenty of food, although we did get Wendy's on Friday due to holiday food fare burn out.

The Evil Twin drags home new music all the time and I'm not even sure what all we have - there are literally hundreds of CDs in the collection. I had read an article on Amy Winehouse and asked if we had her newest CD. He said "yes", so I found it and gave it a listen (it's easy to find things because the Evil Twin keeps all CDs and DVDs in alphabetical order). Now, that girl is a hot mess, but she can sing. I only had the patience to sit thru about half of it last night, but I liked what I heard and will try to finish the listen tonight. While I do laundry, unload and reload the dishwasher and have a conversation with my biological mom - we have a routine. She calls me on Sunday Evenings and I call her on either Wednesday or Thursday Evenings, depending on her schedule.

I promise I will get around to telling the story of my adoption and my reunion with my biological family. It's completely surreal - even to me, even 6 months later. I'll even try to get to it this week sometime. How's that for a loving friend?


  1. I've heard a couple of Amy Winehouse and she does sound pretty good. It's a shame how drugs can screw up a persons life.

  2. I'm looking forward to that story!

  3. Amy Winehouse is an amazing talent...unfortunatly she's also a trainwreck. Pity.

    I look forward to hearing your story

  4. My husband "met" his birth mother a little over a year ago. There are stories sometime - late October '06, I don't have the energy to search and post links right now. They've only corresponded so far, haven't met in person - nobody's ready, just yet.

    There's all sorts of complications and such, of course, because there always are... but it's good to know that at least ONE of my husband's mothers isn't *totally* insane.

  5. Tell the truth: The Evil Twin has probably named all his socks so he can keep them in alphabetical order too, huh? ;)

  6. I just can't bring myself to like Amy Winehouse because of her private life I guess. Didn't she also write a song about not needing Rehab? I thought that was a little irresonsible for all the people out there who may take it to heart...I could be wrong though..I'm not a fan! :-p