Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break

It's Spring Break for the kiddos, so I may or may not be around much.

After all, listening to them bicker about minutiae is soooo much more interesting than doing housework or checking my spam email.

It's 10:30 A and Buddy is just now waking up - after two attempts from me to get him out of bed...Oh, to be a teenager again (NOT!).

Sissy was up at the ridiculous time of around 7:30A. Why, WHY can't she sleep a bit later?? I don't know, but it makes me even crazier than normal. When Buddy was a little thing, he would stay in his bed and call out to me, "Moooommmy. Moooommy." Until I would go in his room and say, "Get up already." LOL.

Sissy feels a need to tell me about every time she has to use the bathroom and she gets out of bed at least 4 times a night to tell me something insignificant.

I still have all week to "enjoy" their presence.

Have a happy Tuesday and wonderful Spring Break, my hooligans!



  1. LOL... Hmm... I like Sissy's idea. from now on I shall text you every time I fart...

  2. ah, spring break. It's enough to make you want to tear your hair out, I'm sure.

  3. Nooze has Spring Break NEXT week. She will have to get up on Monday to go to her aunt's house. Chachi and I split the rest of the week on vacation days.

    I don't worry about her waking me up at the butt crack of dawn. That's what the Catahoula is for!

  4. Hopefully the weather has been nice enough to throw them outside. We have a cousin here for Spring Break. He's a early riser and is driving me nuts. I mean, really, conversation before 7 am is not heard of in this house. I send the hubs off to work without even speaking!

    Oh well. I just keep sending them all to the trampoline. Even the little one.