Monday, April 30, 2012


I looked at the school lunch menu yesterday and realized that May 24th is the last day. Typically, the last day is sometime in early June. But, we only had one snow day this year (and the county builds those into the schedule), the kids will get an early Summer break.

Good for them, I guess. LOL.

It'll just be more crunch time for me to get things finished - you know, the usual variety of chores, appointments and whatnot that are easier for me to do by myself.

Yesterday, the Evil Twin took Sissy to see the "Chimpanzee" movie. Sissy asked why I didn't like theatres and I said, "Because I seem to have an "Idiot Ray", so the most annoying movie patrons can find me and sit in my close proximity." I did not add, "Which makes me all stabbity and feeling a desire to kill them."

OK, I would never kill them, but I might make a scene. I'm good at that, y'all.

Anyhoodle, when they returned from their little outing, the Evil Twin informed me that there was a family behind them who did running commentary on the film, said "Awwwauh" every. single. time the little chimp Oscar was shown (about every other frame) and also remarked about the "bad tribe" of chimps by saying "Oh, no!" or "Uh oh!".

And, I am vindicated! I will enjoy the movie when it comes out on DVD in the privacy and silence of my own home.

Although, the Evil Twin said he had seen his fill of chimpanzee vaginas and buttholes, and that he also enjoyed the part where the larger chimps ran across a group of smaller monkeys, then plucked one out, tore it apart and ate it. That's nice for the kids. I'll have to hide my eyes for that scene.

I'm SO glad I stayed home! :-)

Have a great Monday, hooligans.



  1. "Awww... look at the cute chimps... look he's hugging that one... what?! OMG!! NOOOooooo!!! Stop ripping the other chimp to pieces!!! Stooop!!"

  2. Ron - And this movie is rated "G"! You think they could have left that scene on the cutting room floor.

  3. Oh, wow. I would never expect that kind of carnage in a "G" rated movie!

    Then again, they showed a dog giving birth in "Milo and Otis"! I had never seen it, and opted to watch it with Nooze...when she was SEVEN.

    I tend to avoid movie theaters more and more as I get older. I don't get the commentary; I get the mouthy d-bags.

  4. I had to google the film. I think overall it was seen as just ok.

    "Planet of the Apes" it is not.