Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I didn't have a chance to post yesterday because Tuesdays are my "cram 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack" type of days.

It didn't warm the cockles of my little heart any that yesterday also seemed to be "How many cars can pull out in front of ETW as she goes about her business". I was cut off so many times, I lost count.

When I wasn't being cut off, I managed to get behind a gaggle of morons.

One car had what appeared to be an elderly man at the wheel. I'm pretty sure he died in 1972 and no one told him to go to the light. They just propped him up in the car and put a (very lightweight, apparently) brick on the accelerator.

Another genius practically came to a full stop on a 4 lane road while trying to maneuver into a turn lane. TURN LANE. That's what it's for. You don't Turn from the left hand lane if there is a perfectly good turn lane right beside you. Signal left, then move into it. Then you can stop and wait on traffic to clear before you make that scary, scary left turn. Moron.

How do people pass the driver's test when they have clearly either A. Not read the handbook or B. Perhaps skimmed thru it and promptly forgot everything?

It all started out around 8A when I was taking Sissy to school. I dealt with a handful of seriously stupidity.

Later, Buddy had an appointment with the orthodontist. I like to make the appointments as late in the day, so he doesn't miss much school. So, I went and picked him up, then I had to go to the bank and drop something off and then, I had to pick up Sissy from school.

She gets out at 3 and his appointment was 3:20 in downtown Charleston. That's at least a 20 minute drive, depending on traffic and/or random idiots who have no business having a license. So, I picked her up about 20 minutes early. I mean, who would pick her up? We don't have family nearby and I don't really trust anyone else.... Sometimes, I just have to go with the flow. Do the best I can, y'all.

Then, at 7P, Sissy had her dance class. My van's gas meter thingie was all beeping at me and I was running on fumes. We left a little early, so I could fill 'er up (to the tune of $52 and change!) Thank goodness I don't drive much, so a once a month trip to the gas station is my typical MO.

Add to that, Sissy's dance class is loud. They have two separate classes that night, so the (different) music is blaring. They have Tap, Ballet and then Modern (Jazz). Sissy likes to take her shoes into the room and do them herself. Some of the other girls need help or can't tie their laces, etc. This means that when they move from tap to ballet, dozens of little dancers run out, using their loudest voices...this happens for 3, count 'em THREE shoe changes during the hour lesson.

I have to sit there and listen to the chaos. I take my Kindle and try to read, but can't concentrate. I hate idle chit chat with people I don't know well, so that usually goes over like a turd in a punchbowl.

I've already invested $230 in recital costumes (aka: Junior Hooker outfits) for June, so we'll stick it out. I think Sissy wants to do Karate next year. :::Sigh:::

I'm going to a spa event this afternoon at the place where I had the chemical peel last week...They're giving away prizes and junk and if I get something free, it's for ME! Love freebies. Maybe I can relax after that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my hooligans!



  1. We were driving home from Lexington to Indy the other day and I swear we were invisible. I was so irritated. If you don't have time to get off your cell phone then don't drive. I don't feel like being side-swiped so you can gossip about whatever. People annoy me so much sometimes.

    I don't think I really like people all that much in general.

    I can tune out like nobody's business though if I have a book. I wouldn't even notice class was over. Karate is much quieter and easier and only one outfit!

  2. I know all about expensive costumes :/

    Natalie has a recital in June.

  3. OMG! People give me road rage with their stupidity while driving!

  4. Happy Birthday to you ETW. And many more!

  5. A chemical peel: I'll treasure that vision for many a year.

    Mind you you certainly tore off a few strips on the highway: have you thought being a driving instructor?