Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday Special

My long time readers - I think that's about 5 of you - know that on Saturdays, we treat ourselves to fast food/carry out...basically something I don't have to cook.

We're very diplomatic and take a vote on the various choices nearby. This past Saturday, it was unanimous for Chinese food. Mmmmmm.

I am usually given the task of calling it in (and attempting to communicate with whoever answers the phone. Generally, it's not too tricky, but I do wish I spoke their language.) And then, the Evil Twin runs down the street to pick up the food.

As I was looking over their new menu, I noticed that the prices had gone up. But, really, for all the food you get, it's still worth the greenery. I still have enough of my meal leftover for about 3 more meals.

I typically get the Hunan Bean Curd (that's a spicy dish with veggies and tofu - DON'T JUDGE ME. Tofu is good!)

Anyhoodle, we ordered a virtual boatload of food and proceeded to eat it all weekend. There's still plenty in the fridge, too.

Buddy is not a super picky eater. Sissy is more reluctant to try things. She is especially suspicious about vegetables, but it warms my little heart to see her wolf down the spicy broccoli "in the shiny sauce." as she says. I think she means brown sauce (probably Hoisin). She also digs the rice and the teriyaki chicken... Frankly, I can't even bring myself to look at it, much less smell it.

I went by the K-Roger last week. I had to pick up a few items they had in their sale circular and I also picked up a beef brisket. I'm sure the other shoppers were amused hearing me say, out loud, "GROSS!" and "Eww...I have to touch this?"

When I was checking out, I even made the cashier look at it and asked, "How disgusting is this???" I do not enjoy going to the grocery, so I can at least amuse myself to make up for the painful situation.

For example: At the pharmacy, I have said - very loudly - "Hurry up with my herpes medicine!" I save that one for when other patrons are breathing down my neck and obviously want a date with me. How 'bout some privacy, jerk?

Happy Monday, hooligans! It's a beautiful day here - I hope you all have a sunshiney day!



  1. Them Herpes meds are nothing to joke about... {scratching}

  2. Chinese food always sounds good but I always regret it.

    Why do people do that at the pharmacy? Drives me nuts.

    My people and I are firmly Carnivores. I find tofu intriguing but just eat the chicken. Except Sarah. She avoids meat in all forms. I'm hoping it is just a two-year-old thing and not a I-am-going-to-be-a-vegetarian-just-to-piss-off-Daddy, thing.