Friday, April 13, 2012

Stranger Danger

Don't know why, but it just feels like it would be never-ending. I'm always so tired. It doesn't matter how early I get in bed, I'm still just worn out by the daily grind of getting the kids ready for school and maybe or maybe not making lunch for the Evil Twin.

Maybe it's what is going on in the local news here. Apparently, there is a white van cruising our little burg and other towns nearby. There have been several attempts to physically snatch children outside their schools.

I worry because Buddy walks home. It's only half a mile and he generally has at least one friend, if not a handful, walking with him. That makes me feel better.

But, I gathered both kids last night and told them what was happening. (I've gone over this with both of them before, but a bit of reinforcement can't hurt).

I asked them, "What do you do if someone you don't know, a stranger, tries to lure you into their car or even gets out and puts their hands on you?"

Buddy had the best answer. He said, "I would yell something I can't say in front of Sissy or you and then start running."

I said, "Good job! You both have my permission to yell, scream, hit, kick, bite or whatever. Pee your pants if you have to or spit on them, just do the grossest thing you can think of and then run in the other direction." I also tell them, "If we get separated at a store or whatever, you find a Mommy with kids, or a grandmotherly lady or a police officer."

Bud has a cell phone, so he can call the police or me. Sissy is driven to school and picked up by me. I watch her like a hawk until she enters the building (they also have a crossing guard and the principal is almost always out front in the mornings).

I still see lots of little, little ones walking to school and then walking back home every day.

Buddy started walking home last year. For the first few months, I would look out the bay window, all nervous and whatnot until I saw him come up the street.

I've calmed down a bit, but I've been known to get in my van and go looking for him if it's past "the usual time" he arrives home.

It's sad we're forced into being helicopter parents these days, because there could be some pervert or scumbag behind every bush.

And it's not just that. A week or so ago, an 8 year old in the next county over was hit and killed by an SUV. He darted out in the road, the driver couldn't break fast enough - totally an accident, but it gives me one more thing to worry about.

I'm glad I had "the talk" with my 2 little rugrats again. Hopefully, it's only a matter of time before the po-po pick up Mr. White Van Man and the trash is taken off our streets! It pisses me right off!

Happy Friday, hooligans! Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back Monday. :-)



  1. It makes you want to arm your kids with small handguns. We were less worried about strangers snatching our kids than we were the possibility of little gang members harassing them or trying to get them to join their little gangs. Helicopter parents or not, we pretty much drove our kids to and from school until they were old enough to drive themselves.

  2. As many creepy people there are out there I think helicopter parenting is the only sane choice. Sure you need to back off and let them make there own mistakes (kid sized ones), but protecting them is job #1.

  3. This has always been a concern for me as my kids walk to school. Granted, they do not walk far. A couple of blocks at most, but still, in today's world even that short of a walk is a risk.

    I share your anxiety chica!