Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Longest Spring Break Ever

The schools were on Spring Break last week and then, the kids were off yesterday as well.

It's been a really looooong week and a day! Phew! I'm just happy to shuffle everyone off to school and work. Well, the Evil Twin worked during the break....but, Buddy and Sissy had a grand ol' time sniping and fussing with each other.

What's a mom to do?

I tried to tune it out and took several naps on the couch daily. I barely lifted a finger on housework, but much like herpes, it's always still there, and now I have a HUGE list waiting on me.

But today, I am going downtown to get my face peeled off. A chemical peel to be exact.

I don't know what I've gotten myself into, but on LivingSocial.com, it was such a bargain, I couldn't resist.

I just called the office and asked if I should arrive without makeup (my kabuki face takes time, y'all). I was told they would just remove it anyway. My remark? "That's HORRIFYING!"

Great Ghandi, I hope I don't run into anyone I know.

I don't take a shower first thing in the morning because the Evil Twin and Buddy use our upstairs bathroom to get ready and they have to be out the door earlier than me taking Sissy to school. So, I always look frightful when I drop her off...but, I always get out of the van and walk her to the crosswalk.

I DO try to tame my hair and I always wear lipstick. And, I also wear real clothing (not PJs or sweat/lounge pants - a bra and a clean top, I don't wear slippers, but prefer sandals when it's warm enough. Otherwise, it's my Land's End Mocs). They don't make the style I wear anymore... Sad. That's how long I've had them.

I have lots of shoes from when I used to have a paying job, but all I wear these days are these:

Or these (similar):

Wish me luck, hooligans, as I travel into unknown territory to get my face peeled.


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  1. Ummm.... good luck with getting your face ripped off. It just doesn't sound that pleasant ;-)