Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Times....Good Times

Spring break is going along better than I had anticipated.

It has rained nearly every day, but it comes and goes. It's not a complete disaster! Yay!

I have to get crackin' and DO some stuff. Every day, I've been doing little things her and there, but I really need to get in gear and git 'er done.

I've been watching that "Larry the Cable Guy" show at night and as annoying as he can be, he is also redneck funny. I can always get behind redneck funny. I'm not funny and I'm only a couple of notches off "redneck", but I get it.

Alrighty, then, hooligans - it's time for me to get in the shower (at nearly 11:30A) and get moving for the day. The kids get a Spring Break. Mommy just gets more work to do. And not enough sleep to perform all the tasks.

If I had a bed with sheets and NOT a four foot pile of laundry on it, I'd be all over that mattress. Alas, I must clear and sort and fold and put away, so I'm offa here.

Have a happy Thursday, hooligans!



  1. spring break starts NEXT week around these parts... my son is uber-excited.

  2. Spring Break??? There's a Holiday? I'm so out of the loop....

  3. Oh, laundry. How I loathe thee.