Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Burning Up Here!

As usual for WV, the weather has done a 360 and is now perfectly balmy. I love it!

But, I can't bring myself to turn on the AC just yet. It HAS been on, but that was the Evil Twin's doing.

I don't know which I hate more: Winter or artificial cold air (aka The AC). It's ceiling fans and open windows for me....until it gets absolutely unbearable.

That would be July around here. Or May, if you're at Disney World in Florida.

We went the first week of May in 2009 and it was near 90 degrees at 7AM. I would make it to lunch time and finally tie my hair back and not worry about my make up that had already run off my face. I thought: "These people won't ever see me again. Probably."

But, all vanity was out the window at that point. Sort of like having a baby, and every person who works at the hospital - from your OB to the guy who delivers your lunch tray - has seen WAY too much of your naked person.

I would just shrug and tell them to move the food tray closer to me. LOL.

The Evil Twin joked that there was an oversized photo of my hoo-ha outside my room. Ya just don't care.

I'm sitting here, with my fan on and enjoying the sunshine. Bella (the cat) is perched up on the back of the loveseat, in the big bay window. She is the laziest thing I've ever seen and I think she may have pooted in her sleep. Because I smelled something pootish earlier.

Apparently, I can train her to use the toilet, but not to keep her farts to herself. Gross! At least I can hold my breath when I flush the poops down the toilet. And no, she does not use toilet paper. She licks her butt like every other kitty. Maybe she's not licking hard enough?? I don't know.

Well, that's my Thursday morning. I hope my hooligans don't have to smell any gassy pet odors or anything else unpleasant. Have a great day!



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  2. Has she tried that "pull my paw" trick on you yet??? Don't fall for it!!!

  3. 'I smelled something pootish earlier.'


  4. Our dog smells and sounds like a truck driver with a bean burrito half the time. She possibly needs better dog food.

    Disney in May...I hear ya. I tell my husband Disney in September is like vacationing on the surface of the sun but we keep going back! Throw free food at us and we will show up!

    I am ashamed. I caved. I turned on the AC last week. The baby's room was 88 degrees and I just wanted her to nap. Oh did I ever want her to nap!