Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes, The Lazy Sets In

But by "lazy", I mean not "doing nothing", but not doing anything too strenuous. Dishes are in the dishwasher, the kitchen is somewhat clean and I have the washer and dryer going for laundry.

It just seems like a good day to chill, organize junk, make some phone calls and pay some bills.

Regardless of what any one might tell you, organizing, bill paying and trying to keep up with a house that only stays clean for a few hours is very tedious and time consuming.

There is always something to do.

The Evil Twin doesn't believe me - that I can spend an entire day on small things (but still, things that matter and are important).

Well, I can't help it that this junk needs to be accomplished. I can only do so much in the day - I sleep approximately 6 hours a night - I just have to do my best.

Having an "invisible" disease, like MS, doesn't help any. I can be worn down to the bone, but no one else knows it or sees it. I keep the happy face for the children.

Remarkably, I'm having a great day - and I hope all my hooligans are as well. Just remember: do your best and don't feel guilty about what you miss. It'll be there tomorrow!



  1. I agree totally. Why clean it just gets dirty again ;-) I only clean when Scooter starts complaining and she never complains.

  2. The work will wait - it's nap time! :)

  3. I second what Tiff said. I'm throwing in a sneeze and an allergy attack for good measure.

  4. Hope you got what you wanted done.

    I simply can't stand to have dishes in my sink. I might be at death's door but I'll load the dishwasher first. Oh and make the bed. :) I figure if the bed is made my room is at least 80% clean.