Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Strange Morning to top off a Strange Week

I love the "spring forward" time change, but it does take me a week or two to get in the groove of things.

All week, it seems like time has just been flying by. I look at the clock and it's almost time for Sissy's bath and bedtime. And I think, "Where did the day go?"

Luckily, it kind of caught up with me this morning. I had a decent night of sleep (i.e. I wasn't awakened every 2 hours in an attempt to cough up a lung or at least just try to catch my breath between hacks.), so I was motivated.

I managed to feed both children and get the little one dressed for school.

Then, the weather started acting odd. Lots of lightning and thunder and rain - but the rain was on again/off again for a bit.

After I missed a step and severely sprained my left ankle when Buddy was in preschool, that ankle has become my weather vane. We have a meteorologist on our local news by the name of Tony Cavalier. He's very likeable and a thorough weather caster.

Anyhoodle, I decided to call my bum left ankle "Bony Cavalier", because it usually knows about weather anomalies before anyone else. I'm like some ancient person..."My bursitis is acting up."

At any rate, Bony is spot on for weather updates. If I'm hobbling around, there's some atmospheric change a' coming.

Bony was not off course this morning. It's been raining with thunder and lightening.

It's almost a bit scary, but also a bit cool. The cat is having none of it and she is camped out under the coffee table.

All I know is after I dropped Sissy off at school, I made a beeline back to home base ASAP. When it rains hard around here, the valley tends to flood. Thank goodness we live on a hillside and aren't in a flood zone area.

I'll be very surprised if we have electricity later. We love our little burg, but it doesn't hold up so well under extreme weather conditions.

OK, hooligans, keep your fingers crossed for good luck that my family and I are not struck by lightning today! Eeeek!

Have a rockin' Ides of March!



  1. "Spring forward" is always harder for me to get used to than "Fall back"...I think I'm starting to though.

  2. Just talked to my Mom (in Scott Depot) and she said her deck was full of hail and her power was flickering. Yuck!

    Living in Indiana that would have sent me running for the basement with the kiddies.

    Hope you all hold up well and get the sickies out of your house soon!! These are some stubborn germs this year.

  3. Here's hoping you are all safe and sound and higher than any of the floods.